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The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Finale Pt.7.

A direct continuation of Part 6; https://watchitdie.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/the-2018-eurovision-song-contest-grand_21.html

NATO's Many Crimes.

Particularly since the creation of Shamali Province NATO has attempted to claim a moral superiority over Russia.

This next group of acts suggest it would be a bad idea for NATO to even attempt to draw a moral equivalency with Russia. By listing NATO's many crimes.

The Netherlands: This year they were represented by Waylon with the song; "Outlaw In 'Em."

Eurovision entries are often designed to achieve particular political goals. The week long Song Contest itself tries to condense the entire a experience of being a popstar into a single week.

So it is common that nations will actually use stars of musical theatre as their entry. That person will adopt the character of such-and-such popstar and commit to that role for a week. Then in a month's time they'll adopt a completely different character in, say, a production of Les Miserable or Cats.

This year the Netherlands have gone in a different direction. In Waylon they have chosen a well known and accomplished musical star. Albeit someone who rather than being a popstar is a star of Europe's Country Music scene which is surprisingly larger than you would think.

Having been discovered on the 2008 season of "Holland's Got Talent" Waylon has released four top selling albums. In 2016 he was a judge on the TV talent show; "It Takes Two" and a coach on the Dutch version of; "The Voice."

Famously in 2014 Waylon formed the double act; "The Common Linnets" with Ilse DeLange to perform at that year's Song Contest. Their song "Calm After the Storm" placed second and went on to become a huge radio and sales hit across Europe.

It is also the only time in history Miley Cyrus has been described as a calming influence.

I don't know how familiar Waylon will be to American Country Music fans but he is certainly well known within the American Country Music scene. He studied under Waylon Jennings in Nashville, Tennessee for three years from 1998 until Jennings death in 2001. Then known as Willem Bijkerk he adopted the name Waylon in tribute.

This song is co-written by Ilya Toshinskiy and Jim Beavers.

Born in Obninsk, Russia Ilya Toshinskiy is the guitarist with the band Bering Strait. They have been based in Nashville since 1998. As a session musician Toshinskiy has won 8 Music Row Awards and 2 American Country Music Awards for his work on top selling records for the likes of (early) Taylor Swift, Shakira, Florida Georgia Line and Rascal Flatts.

A native of Texas Jim Beavers started out as a Director of Marketing for first Capitol Records and then Virgin Records. He then branched out as a session musician and songwriter for the likes of Lee Ann Womack, Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Gary Allan, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert along with other absolutely huge names within American Country Music.

When you start talking about the American south and country music it won't be long before someone mentions the Confederate Flag. That is a blue Saint Andrew's Cross on a reddish, orange background. Within the St Andrew's Cross there are 13 stars representing the 13 Confederate states in the US Civil War.

Within the current civil war in Shamali Province the ethnically Russian forces have adopted the Soviet Naval Flag. This is a blue St Andrew's Cross on a reddish, orange background along with a faint, white St George's Cross which is often not used. It is very similar to the Confederate Flag lacking only the 13 stars within the St Andrew's Cross.

In an attempt to smear those ethnically Russian forces particularly the US under Obama has tried to portray them as racist by claiming they are flying the US Confederate Flag. In reality it is the forces flying the Soviet Naval Flag that are fighting against the ethnic cleansing of the US-backed Waffen SS.

Wrapped in the flag of the Soviet Navy the Dutch entry was a stirring rebel anthem in support of the ethnically Russian forces in Shamali Province's ongoing civil war.

It is particularly significant that it is the Netherlands taking this position. When attempting to claim moral superiority over Russia the US and its NATO allies frequently cite July 17th 2014 (17/7/14) shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Flight MH17 took off from the Netherlands and of the 298 people killed 193 of them were Dutch. So when the US claims it is taking action against Russia because of MH17 it is really claiming to act on the Netherlands behalf. It's telling that when the Netherlands speak for themselves they say something very different.

The Song Contest is often used for nations to float ideas that their governments cannot formally endorse. However the Netherlands' contradiction of the US over Russia is actually in line with current Dutch government policy.

In February 2018 the Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra was forced to resign. He had claimed he had attended a meeting in which Russian President Vladimir Putin had claimed he wanted to build a greater Russia in eastern Europe. Zijlstra's resignation came after he was forced to admit that he'd simply made up these anti-Russian claims.

As you may remember from the 2018 Winter Olympics US Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller did not react well to Halbe Zijlstra's resignation. This Dutch lawmaker's resignation was rapidly followed by Mueller prosecuting Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwaan over false claims.

Judging by the events of Friday (18/5/18) at the Santa Fe High School in Texas Mueller has taken news of the Netherlands' Song Contest entry equally poorly. Curiously on exactly the same day the current Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok was visiting the US.

The Portuguese hosts of the 2018 Song Contest however seemed very supportive of the Dutch entry. 

Using the slogan "All Aboard" this year's contest has had a significant naval theme. At the Grand Final the hosts introduced a new sequence in the form of a parade of national flags. This saw the flags of the competing nations being paraded around the arena by people in distinctly naval attire.

It was Portugal effectively screaming at the audience; "IT'S THE NAVY FLAG!"

The message of the song is that everyone's got a bit of the outlaw in them. A tattoo you keep hidden, a couple of scarred up knuckles, "(A) Heartbeat beatin’ to rock ‘n’ roll rhythm."

It was effectively the Netherlands, as a NATO member, going;

"We've all supported genocide in an effort to illegally overthrow the Syrian government."

"We've all supported ethnic cleansing by illegally overthrowing the Ukrainian government."

"We've all committed genocide by using force to illegally change the borders of the Balkan nations."

"We've all illegally used force to steal away Serbia's southern Kosovo Province."

"We've all helped re-start the African Slave Trade by illegally overthrowing Libya's government."

The Netherlands particularly emphasised that last point by having Waylon perform in both the Second Semi-Final and Grand Final surrounded by black, slave like dancers.

"US Confederate (or ally) at a Slave Auction" was exactly the look they were going for.

In the promotional photographs in support of the entry the Netherlands were tying very hard to make Waylon resemble the "Hector Escaton" character from the US TV; "Westworld." Played by Rodrigo Santoro.

In an interesting bit of trivia the 1973 movie "Westworld" is actually heavily inspired by the so-called "Spaghetti Westerns" of Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood. Many of them were filmed in Portugal, Spain and Italy. So in Portugal you actually have a number of Westworld-style Wild West tourist parks. 

In both the movie and the TV series the Westworld tourist parks are populated by Artificially Intelligent (AI) robots known as "hosts."  So you could legitimately take these references as a contribution to the discussion about AI.

However I think the Dutch were more specifically referencing the "Man In Black" character from the TV Show played by Ed Harris. As part of the discussion about expanding the Song Contest to include associate members of the EBU such as Brazil.

The Man In Black character has been visiting the Westworld park since it opened. On his first visit he did all the touristy things like marvelling out how lifelike the hosts were. However on subsequent visits he noticed there are many levels to the game. He keeps revisiting in the hope of finding this game called; "The Maze" which is hidden right at the heart of the park.

You can actually treat the Song Contest in much the same way.

You could do the very touristy thing of just watching the Grand Final and choose the song which you think sounds the best. Or you could go deeper by watching both of the Semi-Finals and choose the song you think sounds the best from all of the songs.

You could go even deeper by using the Eurovision.tv website to read up on the entire package of each entry. Including the artists biography, the promotional photographs, the promotional video and the song lyrics.

For me that is really a job of work. So I like to block off 2-3 days and just get it done. If one of the songs references at the bottom of the list references one of the songs at the top of the list it's easier to spot if it's all fresh in the memory.

However the songs start appearing on the website in late-March/early-April. So it's not hard to go through one or two on your lunch break or when you're bored at home of an evening.

This year I'm on course to produce something in the region of 80,000 words on the Song Contest. When I've finished I'll still only be around two thirds of the way in.

There is still the matter of the voting. Both by the expert panels and by the public. These can be analysed in exactly the same level of scientific detail as any political election anywhere in the World. Ahead of this year's contest the "Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation" published an academic paper on the pattens of "Collusive Voting Partnerships" within the Song Contest.

Increasingly Eurovision viewers are being asked to vote using a dedicated App. Even before the Cambridge Analytica scandal that provides plenty of scope for discussion about who is allowed to use the data collected by that App and whether people can and have been using that data to target specific voters.

I think this reference to Westworld might have backfired on the Netherlands slightly. Knowing they were doing something very inflammatory I think the Dutch would have been happy not to have made it through to the Grand Final. 

If you're doing a rebel anthem for the ethnically Russian forces in Shamali Provinces civil war you don't want it played too loudly or too often. Lest it inspires either side to break the very fragile ceasefire.

One of the things the TV Show Westworld makes a big contribution to is the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) absurd "No Nipples Rule." Mentioned frequently at previous Song Contests this defines content as either sexual or non-sexual entirely on whether it features exposed female nipples.

A cable show which is not bound by the FCC's rule Westworld has quite a lot of (pretentious) fun with this. So it has sex scenes where there is no nudity. It also has scenes where it has a lot of nudity but no sex. When the hosts are in the workshop they're often standing around like nude furniture. Thandie Newton is very nude in this show.

One of the main things visitors to the park use the hosts for is sex. The maintenance staff also sometimes illicitly use the hosts for sex. One gay male employee is particularly enamoured by Hector Escaton. There is one seen where he is shown preparing to take advantage of Hector.

Although the scene does not show gay sex it doesn't require you to use a lot of imagination to work out what the employee is planning to do to Hector. Given how difficult it is to get any sex, let alone gay sex, onto US TV shows this scene seems to have picked up iconic status against gay men.

That thought seems to have lifted the Netherlands into a Grand Final even Waylon seemed a bit embarrassed to be performing in.

Serbia:  They were represented by Sanja Ilic and the band; "Balkanika" with the song; "Nova Deca (New Children)."

In actually not that complex an in-joke this entry referenced the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest held in Harrowgate, UK. There as here the band leader Aleksander Sanja Ilic represented his nation.

Obviously though in 1982 Aleksander Sanja Ilic did not represent Serbia. He represented Yugoslavia. As I'm sure you've heard in the mid-1990's NATO decided to tear Yugoslavia apart through a series of genocidal Balkan Wars.

The dozen or so performers that make up the performance represent the seven nations which now exist where Yugoslavia used to stand. NATO's new children as it were.

In 1999 NATO decided to go even further. Tearing away Serbia's southern province of Kosovo. 

This was done in support of the so-called; "Greater Albania Movement." That is dedicated to unifying breakaway Muslim populations across various Balkan nations - particularly Macedonia - into a Greater Albanian Empire. It remains active.

By urging people to look towards the sun and grab it through this song Serbia were daring the Greater Albania to come and have a go if it thinks its hard enough.

Apparently the tattoo that got Albania's performance banned from Chinese television read simply; "Xinjiang." 

Montenegro: One of NATO's new children they were represented by Vanja Radovanovic with the song; "Inje." In the language of another one of NATO's new children, Slovenia this translates as; "And Is."

Using the metaphor of frost this song mourns a lost relationship in which a former lover has grown distant. The video in support of the song seems set in the time of the Russian Empire. As depicted in popular stories such as; "War and Peace."

As such it protests the deteriorating relationship between NATO and Russia. A relationship which is said to have grown frostier than it was during the Cold War. 

By using Slovenian rather than Montenegrin it blames NATO for that deteriorating relationship by reminding it of the Balkan and Kosovan wars. 

At one point in the video Vanja Radovanovic seems to resemble the "Jean Valjean" character in "Les Miserable." Particularly when he is a prisoner. Sort of making Serbia/Russia the victim cruelly jailed for stealing bread to feed his starving family

However by invoking the imagery of; "Beauty and the Beast" it stops short of demanding a reunification with Serbia as part of a restored Yugoslavia. 

18:35 on 22/5/18 (UK date).

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The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Finale Pt.6.

A direct continuation of Part 5; https://watchitdie.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/the-2018-eurovision-song-contest-grand_17.html

At Eurovision it seems the ultimate taboo is saying that no not everybody is secretly gay. And no it's not always about gay rights.

This fixation of gay issues has left the Song Contest open to exploitation, manipulation and frankly looking quite stupid.

At the 2018 contest a prime example of this was provided by the Republic of Ireland. Although that was not their intention.

A break-up song Ireland's entry this year; "Together" by Ryan O'Shaughnessy was all about the anxiety surrounding Brexit. And the Troubles in the water (of the Irish Sea).

Brexit has actually been a minor theme this year made up of Britain, Ireland, Denmark and Romania. So I will cover Ireland's entry more fully as part of that theme. Although I should point out that the main thrust of Denmark and Romania's contribution to the discussion is that Brexit just isn't that interesting.

Ireland is the most successful nation in Eurovision history. They have won the Song Contest a total of seven times. However in recent years that crown has started to slip.

In 2005 Ireland failed to qualify for the Grand Final for the first time. They also failed to qualify in 2008 and 2009. In 2013 Ireland embarked on a particularly bad run failing to qualify in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

This lack of success has really started to rankle with Ireland. Particularly as Sweden has started closing the gap on them recording its sixth victory in 2015.

So both the video and both stage performances of Ireland's song this year featured a young gay male couple, very much in love. Even though that had absolutely nothing to do with the song and in fact contradicted it.

This was Ireland going; "Ah, if we just stick some gay stuff in there the gays will be tricked into voting for us. And we'll finally make it through to the Grand Final."

Ireland actually did the same thing in 2015. They scheduled a referendum of legalising same-sex marriage for the day after the Second Semi-Final performance of their entry; "Playing With Numbers" by Molly Sterling. Again they cynically thought appealing to the gay vote would see them straight through to the Grand Final.

On that occasion Eurovision weren't taken in and Ireland were dumped out at the semi-final stage. However I like to think that with the implied consent of a certain Boston, US based band that defeat in the Song Contest was translated into victory in the referendum. Truly an example of Going Out In Style.

Ireland's entry this year was more an example of Going Through in Shame.

Such was Ireland's desperation to make it through to the 2018 Grand Final they didn't stop at simply including a gay couple. They also tried to capitalise on animosity towards Russia.

Ireland circulated entirely Fake News rumours claiming Russia would censor their First Semi-Final performance due to its gay propaganda. Russia did not censor Ireland's performance. However that did not stop Ireland begging for gay votes by circulating entirely Fake News that Russia had censored the performance.

San Marino and Italy actually staged a mocking protest against Ireland's behaviour. During the Second Semi-Final they accused each other of trying to damage their chances by spreading Fake News. In case you haven't noticed Italy and San Marino are the same country and therefore not the biggest of rivals.

The ease with which the gay community can be manipulated and taken for fools has particularly damaged relations with Russia. Both at the Eurovision Song Contest and more widely in terms of NATO's relationship with Russia.

Russia is a nation of 145 million people spread across eleven timezones. At the grass roots level a significant majority of those Russian citizens hold very homophobic views.

For example in January 2017 military police from the Russian region of Chechnya deployed to provide security to the newly liberated Syrian city of Aleppo. As surely as night follows day Sweden started circulating stories that Chechen police were rounding up and murdering gay men.

I should point out that Chechnya is a majority Muslim region of Russia. In order to prevent all going a bit too ISIL Chechnya was granted autonomy from Russia in 1995.

So Chechnya is not under the control of Russian President Vladimir Putin and there is often a lot of tension between the region and Russia proper. For example the February 2015 killing of Boris Nemstov was carried out by Chechens in order to put pressure on President Putin.

The head of the Chechen Republic is a Muslim by the name of Ramzan Kadyrov. He responded to the allegation that Chechen police were arresting gay people by saying something along the lines of; "Our police don't need to arrest gays. The families of these perverts would murder them themselves."

Appalling as that is given the levels of homophobia in Russia - particularly amongst the Muslim population - I have absolutely no problem believing that Kadyrov was telling the truth.

However not all in Russia support these homophobic beliefs. So in 2014 the global liberal conspiracy - including President Putin -  moved heaven and earth to have the Winter Olympics held in Russia's gay capital of Sochi.

The purpose of this was to provide an opportunity to constructively engage with and in doing so change Russia's homophobic attitudes. Thus creating an Olympic legacy of improved gay rights within Russia.  

With it being one of the main reasons they bid for the games in the first place the Russians did an awful lot of work to secure this legacy. The Olympic cauldron that year was in the unashamedly homoerotic shape of a giant, erect male penis.

Russia also went to great lengths to make a mess of the design and construction of the athletes village. This was intended as an in depth talking point about the biological origins of homosexuality.

From a strictly medical perspective homosexuality is nothing more than a birth defect. The only impairment caused by this birth defect is in the area of reproduction. Even then it's not as significant impairment as something like Mayer–Rokitansky–K├╝ster–Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome where women are born without a womb.

Personally I don't find it particularly helpful to talk about homosexuality in these terms. However once people realise that homosexuality is no more a choice then your height, hair colour, skin colour etc they also realise that you can't catch homosexuality. Therefore laws against "gay propaganda" are utterly pointless.

The only people who weren't interested in improving gay rights in Russia were the 'progressive liberals' who claim to be so supportive of gay rights. Rather than engaging constructively they, led by former US President Obama, instead used it as a opportunity to hurl abuse at Russia because Russia opposes ISIL.

In doing so these 'progressive liberals' turned gay rights into anti-Russian propaganda. Further entrenching homophobia within Russian society and making the problem worse. 

The Eurovision community's seeming inability to see beyond gay issues and that fixation leads to it being so easily manipulated. Particularly where Russia is concerned. 

This makes it look like this feeble minded, brainwashed cult that is utterly obsessed with sex. As if it were some sort of mental disease. A key part of that brainwashing is a hostility towards Russia.

So right now the message being blinked out by the beacon for gay rights is that Russia homophobes are right. Homosexuality is a mental disorder so they'd best introduce laws to stop it being spread.

That goes to the fundamental question of activism; "Are you here to do good. Or are you simply here to feel better about yourself?"

The main theme of the 2018 Song Contest was how we have all managed to get it so wrong in recent years. Particularly in terms of NATO's relationship with Russia. So much of the contest took the form of;

The Trolling of the Gays:

Trolling is something which has got a bad reputation of late. It's all too often taken to mean being rude to or essentially bullying people on the Internet. Trolling existed long before the Internet and is actually the much more subtle art of winding people up.

A prime example would be responding to the election of Sadiq Khan as London's first Muslim Mayor by referring to the British capital as; "Khanistan." In the hope of being attacked as Islamaphobic by 'progressive liberals.'

'Progressive liberals' that have such a deep understanding of Islam and Islamic culture that they don't know that in Farsi the suffix; "-stan" means; "Land Of." So rather than being an Islamaphobic comment it's actually a joke about Sadiq Khan's ego that will really only be understood by Muslims. Or at least an attempt at one.

Finland: This year they were represented by Saara Alto with the song; "Monsters."

Saara Alto is reasonably well known to British viewers. She was a finalist in the 2016 season of the TV-talent Show; "X-Factor." Through this I have a bit of a history with her.

Physically she resembles a Finnish woman who I used to share a house with alongside her white South African boyfriend/fiancee. Although I think I should point out that dark hair, pale skin and breasts pretty much describes the entire female population of Finland.

The story of how the couple I knew got together is quite a funny one. Due to the UK Commonwealth link this South African was using Britain as a base to travel around Europe. One day he found himself in Finland without the money to get back to the UK. So he decided to punch a police officer knowing full well that Finland would respond by paying to deport him back to the UK.

This is something Finland duly did. Alongside banning him from Finland for the next five years. About two weeks later he met this Finnish woman and fell hopelessly in love. She then had to spend the next five years of Christmas' and birthday's explaining to her parents why her effectively fiancee couldn't come and visit them. The explanation that he's technically a criminal did not go over well.

Saara Alto's appearance on the UK X-Factor coincided with a period of debate in Finland over legalising same-sex marriage. The idea was that my story of a young heterosexual couple kept apart by cruel and unjust laws would help homophobic Finns empathise with same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage was legalised in Finland in March 2017.

Saara Alto herself is a lesbian. Although we talk about Eurovision having a large gay fanbase we are predominately talking about gay men.

Lesbians are women who are super into other women. Gay men are men who are super into other men. So although they're often lumped together under the term; "Gay" lesbians and gay men have this sort of mutual disgust of each other.

In 2013 the live performance for Finland's song "Marry Me" by Krista Siegfrids featured the first lesbian kiss ever shown at the Song Contest. This led to a lot of praise over how far tolerance had come. 

The joke was that we weren't talking about Europe's attitude towards homosexuality. We were talking about gay men's attitudes towards lesbians.

Both the video and live performances of Monsters featured male and female backing dancers. Quite feminine looking male dancers and quite masculine looking female dancers. This was a reference to; "Gender Fluidity" the extremely fashionable concept of the Snowflake generation.

However rather than being supportive of Gender Fluidity it was mocking the concept. It was essentially Saraa Alto going;

"Here I am. A lesbian with a proven track record of successful gay rights activism. Yet look at the crap even I have to put up with to be accepted by the bigots of Eurovision!"

The lyrics of the song are all about finally being brave enough to stand up to the monsters that haunt you. As such its easy to interpret it as a metaphor for Saara Alto's own coming out story. Finally being brave enough to accept her homosexuality and stand up to the monsters of homophobia.

Finland of course is physically attached to Russia. It gained independence from the Russia Empire during the 1917 Russian Revolutions. 2018 is officially the 100th Anniversary of Finland's independence. So when NATO talk about Russia's threat to its neighbours in eastern Europe Finland is exactly the sort of country they're referring to.

Therefore its not hard to also interpret the song as a reference to the monster of Russia and Russian homophobia. Not least because it was written by the team behind Sweden's extremely controversial 2015 entry "Heroes" by Mans Zelmerlow.

However if you'd supported Finland's entry for those reasons you'd have been made to look a fool. 

The song is really about making friends with the monsters and the main message is that Finland isn't scared. So it's actually quite a pro-Russian strong. It sort of compares the Russophobia of Eurovision with Homophobia declaring them to be the monsters.

As a package Finland's entry also comes on extremely strong. 

In 2006 Finland famously won the Song Contest with; "Hard Rock Hallelujah" by the horror metal band Lordi. They performed in these full body latex monster suits. So the reference to Monsters in the song along with Finland bringing along Lordi as part of the delegation gave the impression that Finland really wanted to win.

Although I don't spend much of my time worrying about Saara Alto I suppose you could say that her X-Factor success in 2016 was a result of her clambering over the bones of me and my friends. This along with the fact she was prepared to tolerate the Gender Fluidity nonsense gives the impression of someone who will do absolutely anything for fame.

That sort of blatant desperation is normally the sort of thing that gets you marked down. I don't think Finland would be at all upset if their lack of success was dismissed as a backlash from gay men against a lesbian.

Sweden: This year they were represented by Benjamin Ingrosso with the song; "Dance You Off."

The artists biography in support of the entry makes clear that Benjamin Ingrosso is influenced by black American artists such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. One of the writers, K Nita, is based in LA in the US and works with artists such as Drake and Kanye West. 

As such Benjamin Ingrosso is a big fan of "The Black Music." Something which in the past has been used to signify support for former US President Obama and his policies. Particularly his decision to support the Waffen SS to create Shamali Province in the rough territory of Ukraine.

The video in support of the song made important contributions to the technical side of Eurovision. It features a mix of VHS-style Low Definition (LD) footage and digital High Definition (HD) footage. It also breaks-up, freezes and drops out completely. As if the Internet connection you were streaming it on was failing.

Along with the VHS-style LD footage the fashion of the clothing and general visual style also give the video a very early 1990's feel. This plays on the fact that when it comes to Russia Sweden seems that it would be much happier in the late 1980's and early 1990's when the Cold War was still going on. In fact you could say that Sweden would prefer it if the Berlin Wall was still standing.

This all gives an immediate impression of continued Swedish hostility towards Russia.

It turns out that being gay makes for an extremely tough life. Even without homophobia homosexuality is a birth defect that only affects around 3% of the population.

So if you are heterosexual and are looking for a fulfilling romantic life partner you have about 50% of the population to choose from. If you're gay you only have about 1% of the population to choose from.

This alone means that loneliness, misery and depression are common with the gay community. Rather than wallowing in its sorrow the gay community's collective response is to dance away all its problems and dance away all the people who are bringing you down.

The global anthem of this sort of attitude is the 2014 song; "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift. Featuring lyrics such as; "Haters Gonna Hate."

Given the events of previous years I think it was easy to predict that the 2018 Song Contest would feature a lot of criticism of the gay community. Particularly in their hostility towards Russia.

So Sweden were trying to attract that vote. On the surface their song seems to be an anthem for all the gay fans who wish to dance off that criticism and those critics.

However the song is really making fun of exactly those people.

Taylor Swift once appeared in an episode of the US TV Show; "Family Guy." In the episode the son Chris asks the baby Stewie what a "hater" is in reference to the song.

You can watch the sequence here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSG5wKbsIkw

Stewie responds by saying; "Haters is just something terrible people say to avoid having to work on their own flaws."

Incidentally I'm surprised Family Guy doesn't get more attention at Eurovision. It is a show which is certainly unafraid of a big song and dance number.

Shamali Province would certainly appreciate its relentless bashing of ethnically Russian Jews.

At around 17:00 on 21/5/18 (UK date) I've one more example to include.

Edited at around 14:25 on 22/5/18 (UK date) to add;

Slovenia: Their entry this years was "Hvala Ne! (Thanks No)" by Lea Sirk.

Slovenia is of course the native country of current US First Lady Melania Trump.

There used to be an unwritten rule that while you can attack a politicians as much as you like you leave their families out of it. However such is the 'progessive liberals' hatred of President Trump they have disregarded this rule and launched sustained attacks on both Melania Trump and her son Barron.

The main part of this has been the long running saga about President Trump having an affair with the porn star Stormy Daniels. Not only is this not true this story of "The President and the Porn Star" serves as a way to discuss the Democrats attempts to rig the 2016 Election by claiming Russian interference.

The former British spy at the heart of these claims is a man named Christopher Steele. As I'm sure a certain section of Eurovision fans are well aware Christopher Steele shares his name with a reasonably famous gay male, Texas based porn star. It's testament to just how inept the Democrat's Chris Steele is that he couldn't work out why people kept offering to show him mucky videos.

Obviously though it is not pleasant to have the TV news sharing lurid stories about your husband's supposed affair 24/7. Particularly when you're trying to help your 12 year old son settle into a new school.

America's 'progressive liberals' have not been content with constantly running the Stormy Daniels story. They've also used it to suggest that the Trump's marriage is in trouble, constantly speculating that Donald and Melania are not speaking to each other and travel apart. One of the most ludicrous claims is that the two have secretly divorced and Melania has been replaced with a body double.

I wouldn't say that this criticism of Melania Trump is a particularly gay thing. However it is driven by the stereotypically gay bitter, bitchy and spiteful mentality.

A mother of two Lea Sirk is actually a particularly accomplished musician. A flutist she has an MA in music performance from the Geneva Conservatory of music and has performed with numerous classical orchestras across Europe. At the 2005 Cologne International Music Festival she won the Most Promising Young Singer award.

Within Slovenia Lea Sirk is probably most famous for appearing on a TV Show called; "Znan obraz ima svoj glas (Your Face Sounds Familiar)." This is a bit like the US show; "Lip Sync Battle" where famous people pretend to be other famous singers. Your Face Sounds Familiar takes it much further though with the performers undergoing a full transformation to become the full body double of the person they're impersonating.

Lea Sirk is particularly famous for being the body double of Salvador Sobral. The Portuguese singer who won the 2017 Song Contest.

The song itself is very much in the style of a Beyonce like Girl Power anthem. It's about a woman who is constantly playing a character and is one step away from perfection and one step away from the light.

As such it presents itself as an anthem for all the people who believe that Melania Trump has been replaced with a body double. However it then rejects them by sort of going;

"Oh so you're one of those people. No Thanks!"

Slovenia's gimmick during their live performances in both the Second Semi-Final and the Grand Final was they featured a power cut as part of the act. That was a little dig at Shamali Province and the legitimate concerns they wouldn't be able to provide electricity for the 2017 Song Contest.

Further highlighting that no. This song was really not being supportive of the people who support Obama and the Democrats.

14:55 on 22/5/18 (UK date).

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The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Finale Pt.5.

A direction continuation of Part 4; https://watchitdie.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/the-2018-eurovision-song-contest-grand_16.html

Next to explore the reasons why we've all managed to get it just so horribly wrong was Malta. Their song was "Taboo" by Christabelle.

The video in support of the song began with a dozen or so apparent hostages being lined up in a sort of poorly lit dungeon. Both male and female they were in various states of undress and were being subjected to cruel treatment such as having buckets of freezing water thrown over them.

Suddenly in walks a man and a woman in expensive, glamorous clothing. They inspect each one of the hostages. Some are chosen and asked to step forward while others are rejected.

This was very reminiscent of scenes from the British, BBC drama; "McMafia" which debuted at the start of 2018. It is based on the non-fiction book by British Russian journalist Misha Glenny; "McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld" which examines organised crime and corruption in modern Russia.

The BBC's big offering in the same time slot in 2017 was; "Sherlock." Due to the time difference this was actually broadcast in Russia before it was broadcast in the UK. If McMafia were to also be broadcast in Russia on the same schedule it was broadcast in the UK reach its finale around the time of Russia's 2018 election in March.

Prior to its launch this led to something of a mass panic in the UK that it would be viewed by Russia as an attempt by the UK to lay the groundwork for self-styled anti-corruption campaigner Alexey Navalney to stage a big, beautiful colour revolution to overthrow the Russian government.

I will get around to covering Armenia and Azerbaijan. However I should warn Armenia that their old enemy is suddenly very supportive of them. As they invoke the Winds of Change.

Part of Britain's panic was the murder of Moldovan born Russian/Greek/Cypriot tri-national Iuliana Tudos. She was killed in the traditionally very Jewish Finsbury Park area of London.

Just as I write this Kasim Lewis has been convicted of her murder. Mr Lewis is originally from Montserrat in the Caribbean. If you think coming from the Caribbean precludes Mr Lewis from being an Islamist terrorist you'd be incorrect. The island of Trinidad supplies a surprisingly high number of ISIL fighters.

As such the whole affair seems to confirm that it is support for ISIL that is driving NATO's current animosity towards Russia.

The Eurovision community will have to decide whether it is prepared to tolerate Kasim Lewis' murder of a Russian national. After all he is only a bisexual man rather than a fully gay man.

Meanwhile you'll have to remind me; What was the name of Norway's entry this year? 

The scene in Malta's video specifically referenced a story strand from McMafia. This involves a young Russian woman named Lyudmilla travelling to Egypt on the promise of a job as a beautician. On arrival she is promptly kidnapped and then trafficked from Egypt into Israel where she is sold into sex work.

Specifically Lyudmilla is brought by a woman - Tanya Kleiman. She is the daughter of Israeli crime boss and politically connected 'legitimate businessman' Semiyon Kleiman.

Semiyon Kleiman claims that his daughter works for Israel's foreign intelligence service the Mossad. However the show then offers nothing to suggest this gangster's tale is true. Far from working for the Mossad Tanya Kleiman doesn't seem to have any job beyond organising the family's sex trafficking business.

Although he has an adult daughter Semiyon Kleiman is something of an openly gay man.

When living in the homophobic Soviet Union Semiyon had to hide his homosexuality by taking a wife and having children. However now living in liberal Israel he is able to be much more open about his homosexuality. Although as his rivals move to topple him he is accused of raping a young man.

Despite being a gay man Semiyon Kleiman is not what you would consider a good man. Not least because of all the rape and sex trafficking.

Written and partly directed by the Iranian born Muslim Hossein Amini McMafia has, I would say legitimately, faced accusations of both Anti-Semitism and Homophobia. However 'progressive liberals' have, for once, seemed to have chosen to remain silent.

So although none of it is their main point Malta have managed to bring all of that into the conversation. In the space of about seven seconds.

The hostages who'd been selected by Tanya and Semiyon were then dragged out by crypto-fascist guards into a post-apocalyptic town square.

The crypto-fascist guards all had the same hair style and were dressed in the same uniform. This was made up of smart chino type trousers, smart white shirts and Hipster/Millennial style braces/suspenders. They were all wearing red armbands.

However rather than being the red of the Nazi Swastika these armbands were the Communist red of totalitarian China. The same totalitarian China which has taken to warning American 'progressive liberals' that they really need to tone down the authoritarianism and the fascism.

The post-apocalyptic future was represented by vehicles that looked like they'd come straight out of the 2015 movie; "Mad Max: Fury Road." At the 2016 Oscars this movie was used to represent the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and proved hugely popular as a result.

Having been dragged out into the town square the hostages were forced to fight each other as if slaves in a Roman Colosseum. I say; "Fight" the scenes that followed seemed every bit as confusing and horrifying as the world we currently find ourselves living in.

If you believe the negative stereotypes what the Eurovision community would have found the most horrifying about this sequence is that it featured lots of scenes of heterosexuality. Men and women kissing each other, apparently free from either duress or vomit.

For their live performance in the First Semi-Final Malta abandoned almost all of this. Instead they focused on the technical elements of TV broadcasting. They of course won the Augmented Reality theme with their 3D computer generated CAD model of an anatomically correct human heart.

Malta's stage set also featured four ultra-thin, mobile LED screens. This referenced the illuminated doorways the RoK used during the 2018 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony. They also referenced the TV screens that China used in their sequences in the Closing Ceremonies for both the Winter Olympics and Para-Olympics.

Malta used their LED screens to show images as violent and confusing as the world we seem to find ourselves in. The screens moved around to box in and overwhelm the singer.

In the artists biography submitted as part of the entry much is made of the fact Christabelle is an Ambassador for Mental Health for the Maltese President's Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society. We are all currently worried about the mental health of supporters of former US President Obama.

The biography also goes to great pains to make clear that Christabelle is also a much loved advocate for and supporter of gay rights. Having performed numerous times at Malta's annual Gay Pride festival.

If you have white skin you never need to tell people this when you meet them for the first time. Likewise if you have black skin it tends to be equally self-evident to the people you meet. So the fact Malta felt the need to tell people they're supportive of gay rights should be a bit of a clue that they're about to be quite critical of the gay community.

In fact I don't think Malta would be at all worried if they didn't make it through to the Grand Final. Particularly if they lost votes as the result of an hysterical gay backlash.

The overriding message and frankly just the lyrics of Malta's song was that;

"It’s time to break the taboo, 

Before we all become animals, animals."

One thing that seems particularly taboo at the moment is saying that Barack Obama did a pretty terrible job as US President.

Another big taboo seems to be saying that Donal Trump would make a far better President then Hillary Clinton. Trump certainly couldn't do a worse job as President then Hillary Clinton managed to do as Secretary of State.

There also seems to be a huge taboo against pointing out that no. Not all Muslims are tolerant and peaceful people. Muslims are particularly intolerant of the types of people who make up the majority of the Eurovision community.

In fact in my experience if you want a quiet life there are two topics you just don't bring up in the company of Muslims; Gays and Jews.

People who are new to the Song Contest might be surprised that Israel competes as part of Europe. Veterans will know that amongst the founding members of the EBU were Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. 

Officially they do not compete because of the Jews. That is the reason they felt comfortable putting on the official form. However I don't think the portrayals of homosexuality and empowered female sexuality particularly help.

In the run-up to this year's contest on April 21st (21/4/18) the French newspaper Le Parisien published a manifesto signed by a number of senior public figures including former President Nicholas Sarkozy and former Prime Minister Manuel Valls. 

It called for the Qu'ran to be edited to remove passages calling for violence against Jews, Christians and homosexuals.

This caused an uproar across the Muslim world. Including in Turkey which banned the study of French literature. Apparently they consider violence against Jews, Christians and homosexuals to be a core duty of their religion.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea Malta is a member of the European Union (EU). This puts the tiny island with a population of just 437,000 people on the absolute frontline of the flood of irregular migrants crossing from North Africa.

Something which seems to be particularly taboo is saying that being pro-refugee does not make you a good person. Whenever there is a mass flood of refugees it means that something has gone horribly wrong in the country they are fleeing from. If you support that then you are in fact a pretty terrible person.

NATO's war in Libya has led to the resumption of the African Slave Trade. There are literally slave auctions regularly taking place where black men and women are sold as if they were farm machinery. Pro-refugee groups tell us that it is taboo to take action to put a stop to that because it would be racist.

Since the days of William Wilberforce and the US Civil War we have described people who try to protect Slave Auctions not as great humanitarians but simply as; "Evil."

The Ultimate Taboo.

If the Eurovision Song Contest has a core mission it is to promote tolerance, equality and inclusion amongst all nations and all peoples. As a result it has a long and extremely proud history of fighting for gay rights.

In the early days of the competition this particularly involved the technical aspects of the contest. This allowed for talented gay engineers and technicians to be judged for their skills rather than their sexuality.

Although not directly involved in Eurovision a prime example of this is Alan Turing. The gay British mathematician who broke Nazi Germany's Enigma code by inventing what is widely considered to be the first computer. 

Alan Turing also devised the; "Turing Test" to determine when an Artificial Intelligence (AI) had become so advanced it could convincingly pass for a human. Some 64 years after his death other computer programmers have only just caught up with Alan Turing and are approaching the point they can put his theories to the test.

I am not Alan Turing's personal historian. However I get the impression that the people who knew and worked with him knew that he was gay. This includes people at the highest levels in the British military and the British government such as then Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

However these people were all happy to overlook what at the time was a serious criminal offence. Simply because Turing was so brilliant that there was absolutely no-one else able to do what he did.

Similarly the Song Contest has allowed nations to send gay representatives to nations where homosexuality is illegal. They sneak them through immigration by arguing that they're so talented they're the only ones who can get the advanced technology to work.

That makes it all the more appalling that Shamali Province banned Russia's Yulia Samoylova from the 2017. The Song Contest has a long history of getting immigration officials to overlook things they would normally consider illegal.

Once you've been able to get people to overlook the fact that extremely talented people are gay. Then it becomes easier to get them to overlook the fact that less talented people a gay. Once that happens the entire edifice of homophobia starts to crumble.

As with the rest of the entertainment industry the Song Contest has always been more welcoming to gay people. 

That's not because being sexually attracted to people of your own gender magically makes you more creative or artistic. Nor does being creative or artistic suddenly make you sexually attracted to people of you own gender. Instead its due to the simple fact that oppression makes performers of all criminals.

If you are a gay person living in a society where homosexuality is illegal. Well then if you want to stay out of prison then every time you go outside you have to take on the character of a heterosexual person and commit to that role as if your life depends upon it.

Likewise if you are a drug dealer or people trafficker you have present yourself as a legitimate businessman. Or at least you did until Obama and Black Lives Matter came along.

So the entertainment industry has traditionally been welcoming not just to gay people but members of other oppressed minorities. Polari the supposedly gay language actually has its roots in Yiddish, a form of Jewish slang and elements of Romani Gypsy languages. 

Once Eurovision had got those in authority to overlook the fact that talented technicians were gay it became easier to get them to overlook the fact that talent artists were gay. As a result the Song Contest was able to put clearly gay people on screen much earlier then the broadcasters which make up the EBU were able to do domestically.

This has turned the Song Contest into something of beacon for gay rights in a world which for much of Eurovision's history has been a particularly dark place for gay people. 

At around 17:20 om 17/5/18 (UK date) I'll pick this up after dinner.

Edited at around 19:10 on 17/5/18 (UK date) to add. But you'll have to read it all again to find out where; 

In many ways the Song Contest has become a victim of its own success. Particularly within the EU gay people are no longer an oppressed minority.

Obviously there is still homophobia. Even the most totalitarian society cannot legislate against every idiot. However there is no longer the state sponsored, institutionalised oppression of gay people.

For example homosexuality is no longer considered a criminal offence. If you're a self-identifying Pansexual Millennial who needs it explaining what a big deal that is. Well then clearly you don't know that you've been born.

Although we can quibble over you call it marriage or a civil partnership gay couples enjoy the same legal and financial rights of straight couples. There are strong laws to prevent discrimination in the workplace. Those laws are enforced.

So while I wouldn't change it for the world this removal of oppression means that I swear the gay community is getting dumber with each passing year.

As a beacon of hope the Eurovision Song Contest has attracted large number gay people to it and gained itself a reputation as a gay event. Some describe it as' "The Gay Olympics" or; "Gay Christmas."

As a Seinfeld-style annual Airing of Grievances perhaps; "Gay Hanukkah" is more appropriate. In the sense it lasts for eight nights and it's a miracle anyone survives.

This reputation as a gay event has meant that people have become blinded to all the other things that the Song Contest entails. The prime example of this would be Azerbaijan's 2013 entry; "Hold Me" by Farid Mammadov.

The live performance of this involved Farid Mammadov performing atop of a giant perspex box. Within that box there there another performer dressed in a black full body suit. The performer in the box mirrored or shadowed Farid Mammadov's movements.

This was a protest against Azerbaijan's repressive, Soviet style government. 

Since 1993 Azerbaijan has known only two Presidents. Heydar Aliyev and his son Ilham Aliyev. In February 2017 Ilham Aliyev appointed his wife Mehriban Aliyev as Vice President. 

In the Aliyev's Azerbaijan dissidents, artists and free thinkers are routinely shadowed and harassed by the police state.

Unfortunately Song Contest viewers took the performer in the box to be a metaphor for Farid Mammadov's hidden homosexuality. They proceeded to wet themselves with excitement.

This complete missing of the point left the delegation from Azerbaijan absolutely furious. It is extremely hard work and requires an incredible amount of skill to get a song protesting your own government all the way to the Eurovision Song Contest.

As a result the next few years saw everyone sort of putting a reassuring hand on Azerbaijan's shoulder and saying; "Don't worry. We knew what you meant." Even five years on we still need to give them a call every now and again. To make sure they've not been murdered.

Rather than being a problem with actually gay Eurovision fans this sort of thing is more the fault of what are termed; "Fag Hags." These are miserable heterosexual women who sort of latch onto gay man as a way to escape their own wretched existence. 

Not being gay themselves Fag Hags often try to justify their presence in the gay community by constantly going on about how awesome it is that people are gay and how much they support gay rights. Even when nobody asked.

There is a UK TV Show called; "Gogglebox" which provides a good example of this. Gogglebox films supposedly ordinary members of the public was they watch TV shows in order to capture their reactions. 

One of the families that regularly appear on the show are the Micheal family who live in Brighton. Brighton regularly fights with Manchester for the title of; "Britain's Gay Capital." On the rare occasions Brighton is reminded that Manchester exists.

In one episode the Michael family were shown watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Their roughly 20 year old straight daughter Alex was there in her gay pride rainbow t-shirt with little rainbow flags face-painted on her cheeks waving too little rainbow flags going;

"Oh it's so wonderful the gay community is able to celebrate in this way. I think it's far better than Brighton Pride. I think next year I'll get tickets to the Song Contest."

Prompting the gay men at Eurovision, the straight men at Eurovision and all the women at Eurovision to tut, shake their heads and say;

"No dear. One does not merely walk to Mordor."

So at the Song Contest The Ultimate Taboo is saying;

"No. Not everybody is secretly gay. And no. It's not always about gay rights."

21:15 on 17/5/18 (UK date).

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Finale Pt.4.

A direct continuation of Part 3; https://watchitdie.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/the-2018-eurovision-song-contest-grand_14.html

Next in the long line of nations queueing up to bash former US President Barack Obama was the Czech Republic. Their song was "Lie To Me" by Mikolas Josef.

This was intended as a complete and mocking rip-off of the 2013 song; "Trumpets" by black American popstar Jason Derulo. In Christianity the Book of Revelations states that the apocalypse will begin with the sounding of seven trumpets.

One of the most entertaining in-jokes at the Song Contest is recent years has been the issue of; "The Black Music." This refers to styles of music associated with black American singers such as Aretha Franklin, Prince, Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston and so on.

It really started off as an attempt to improve race relations amid growing migration by making a joke about how socially awkward white people get when they meet a black person for the first time.

However it quickly grew and evolved into a way of express support or opposition to the policies of America's first black President, Barack Obama. It then evolved into a way to mock Obama and his policies.

So this song invokes the spectre of the World being on the brink of the End of Days. It then places the blame for that situation firmly on the policies of Obama's America.

It sort of goes; "Come on Obama. Lie to us again;

Tell us how Michael Brown had his hands up in surrender. Tell us there were popular uprisings in Libya and Syria. Tell us again how Russian aggression caused civil war in Ukraine. Tell us again how Russia interfered in America's 2016 election."

The video in support of the song also Mikolas Josef riding a Camel. This suggests the Gulf Monarchies role in Obama's role. However if you were something of a Camel nerd you would have identified this particular animal as part of the two humped Bactarian variety.

Rather than being native to the Middle-East and Africa Bactarian Camels are native to Central Asia. China and the nations which are collectively known as; "The Stans" such as Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan. Along with Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Throughout the contest Mikloas Josef's gimmick was that he was always wearing an empty backpack. At the end of his live performance he also threw in a little bit of what I am informed is the; "Floss Dance" by the; "Backpack Kid" character from the computer game; "Fortnite."

My experience of computer games really ended with the Sega Megadrive. So on this issue you may as well be talking to me in Uzbek or Kazakh.

However I gather that Fortnite has become the latest craze amongst children and teenagers. This has led to the usual concern from parents about how long they're spending playing the game and the amount they're spending on in-game purchases. At the start of May UK children's charities started issuing advice to parents.

The fact Mikolas Josef was able to throw in that reference at the last minute suggested to me that we're dealing with quite a talented act.

Switzerland. Their song was; "Stones" by ZiBBZ. A brother and sister duo made up of Stefan "Stee" and Corinne "Coco" Gfeller.

In the artist biography in support of the song Coco and Stee speak out against the evil of bullies and bullying. The bullying that stops people dreaming, being themselves or thinking differently. The song really berates people for not standing up to these bullies.

The video shows the act being confronted by a riotous, masked mob wielding petrol bombs, clubs and other weapons. This was a direct reference to the 2009 video for; "Run This Town" by Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna. The intention being to make clear the bullies Switzerland are referring to are Obama, the Democrats and their thugs in the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM).

As was discussed extensively at the 2018 Winter Olympics and Para-Olympics Black Lives Matter were created by Obama and the Democrat Party in August 2014. They needed a way to mobilise voters in order to propel their party to victory at the 2014 mid-term elections.

So in August 2014 Obama invented this story of an innocent young black man named Micheal Brown being murdered by the racist police. While having his hands up in surrender and begging; "Don't Shoot!"

Obama then tasked the FBI and the Department of Justice with perpetuating that lie.

The Democrats designated successor for Obama when his Presidential term expired in January 2017 was Hillary Clinton.

However in the summer of 2016 it emerged that Hillary Clinton had committed 110 offences of espionage against America. By way of improperly storing Secret and Top Secret information. As a result she should have been prosecuted and sent to prison rather than being sent to contest the election in November 2016.

So again the Democrats mobilised Black Lives Matter to conduct a campaign of violence against the institutions of law enforcement in the US. The intention being to intimidate them into not prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her crimes.

This campaign saw the July 7th 2016 (7/7/16) murder by a BLM gunman of five police officers in Dallas, Texas. It also saw the July 17th 2016 (17/7/16) murder by a BLM gunman of four police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

So to described Black Lives Matter as; "Bullies" is a massive understatement. They're a domestic terrorist organisation. One founded and sponsored by a major US political party.

Black Lives Matter have also become a sort of shorthand for much wider attempts by political forces who - without a hint of irony - describe themselves as; "Progressive Liberals" to silence any form of dissent or even the holding of a different point of view.

Having referenced "Run This Town" a rather good, recent example of this is Kanye West.

On April 26th (26/4/18) Kanye West took to social media to express his support as a black American man for President Trump. The immediate response from the 'progressive liberals' was that Kanye West must have suffered a psychological breakdown. A psychotic episode of sorts.

This belief that someone who holds a different political opinion to you must be mentally ill is actually extremely alarming.

Mainstream mental health professionals will diagnose mental illness using something called a; "Mental State Examination." This makes up sections 94.09 and 94.11 of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9-CM3).

Part of that diagnostic test examines the patient's Thought Content. It particularly looks out for unshakable beliefs which are held with extraordinary conviction and subjective certainty.

In the UK the textbook example of this would be someone who is convinced the domestic security service MI5 is spying on them. Administering the Mental State exam would involve pretending you agree with the patient but asking a simple question such as whether they're sure it's not America's CIA doing the spying.

A sane person would respond by saying something like that it's possible. However because they're British and the conversation is taking place in Britain it's much more likely that it's Britain's MI5 doing the spying.

A person experiencing psychotic delusions will be adamant that it is MI5 and that it can only be MI5. If you attempt to challenge this belief in any way they will become extremely agitated.

That's because the false belief system they've created is the only thing holding their fractured minds together.

In much the same way that if you break a hip skin and muscles will be the only thing left holding your leg onto your body. You really wouldn't want someone poking at it.

So being convinced that everyone who disagrees with you is mentally ill is actually the sort of thing that makes us start to worry about your mental health.

One of the few nations where mental health professionals do not subscribe to the ICD-9-CM3 is China. This allows China as an authoritarian single party state to use accusations of mental illness to silence and imprison political dissidents.

China actually has a mental disorder know as, I think; "Political Mania." The symptoms of this include marching, waving placards, chanting and taking an interest in the financial affairs of unelected local government officials.

So it is worryingly common for Chinese citizens who complain about government corruption to be labelled as mentally ill and locked up in hospitals. Often for the rest of their lives.

Having gone to the trouble of being stripped of the rights to show the Grand Finale China have forced the Eurovision community to declare that Chinese style censorship is wrong.

So despite not being part of the Song Contest China are actually one of my stand-out acts this year.

Another aspect of these 'progessive liberals' attempts to make sure they are the only ones permitted to hold opinions is this so-called; "Snowflake Culture." This is the world of; "Microaggressions" and; "Trigger Warnings." In short if a view different from your own is expressed you label it hate speech and have it banned.

This attitude is a particular anathema to the Eurovision Song Contest. This really only functions because people take on an extreme position that they don't believe simply to further the wider discussion.

For example I'm pretty sure that Ukrainian Song Contest fans know that I'm being dramatic when I declare them all to be members of the Waffen SS who live in ISIL's Northern Province. Sadly though I'm being a lot less dramatic then I would like.

There have also been a couple of good examples of this at this year's contest;

Hungary; "Situationist Anarcho Metal" is not a common genre at Eurovision. So I want to cover them in detail as one of my stand-outs. However their song takes the "Gay Propaganda" of the Song Contest and compares it to the moral panic the US went through over Marilyn Manson following 1999 Columbine shooting.

So Hungary's entire entry has this strong and quite nasty element of homophobia running all throughout it. Not because the band themselves are in anyway homophobic. They are merely putting on display the homophobic attitudes that are widespread in their country. So those attitudes can be better challenged through constructive engagement.

However the Snowflakes would have shutdown that discussion long before they got that far into the conversation.

The Netherlands; Again this is one of the acts I intend to discuss more fully at a point where it is most relevant. However their stage show has been criticised as racist. It appears to show a white plantation owner in the American south surrounded by his black slaves.

"US Confederate At a Slave Auction" is of course exactly the look they were going for.

In part to remind people of the Democrat Party's role in the US Civil War. They were the ones fighting to keep slavery.

Mainly though to show everyone Obama's true legacy.

Through NATO's illegal actions in Libya Obama has succeeded in restating the African Slave Trade. Some 150 years after the Democrat's defeat in the US Civil War brought it to an end.

At 17:25 on 16/5/18 (UK date) I will pick this up later.

Edited at around 19:15 on 16/5/18 (UK date) to add;

The greatest thought crime invented by the 'progressive liberals' is that of; "Cultural Appropriation."

Given how widespread these ideas have become it should hardly come as a surprise that Israel's entry have been accused of just that. In her live performances Netta wore a Japanese-style Kimono and performed alongside possibly hundreds of "Golden Chinese Lucky Cats."

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest has followed shortly after the 2018 Winter Olympics and Para-Olympics held in the Republic of Korea (RoK). During all of the ceremonies of these events the South Korean hosts made frequent reference to the Eurovision Song Contest. A competition they clearly very much want to be involved in.

The hosts of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Para-Olympics will be China. This meant that they produced sequences in the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics and Para-Olympics. Something which no doubt piqued their already substantial interest in the Eurovision Song Contest.

So by using elements of Japanese and Chinese culture Israel reminded everyone of this as part of the discussion about expansion of the Song Contest.

One of the running jokes at the Olympics and Para-Olympics was the US' and particularly Vice President Mike Pence's seeming inability to realise that Japan and the RoK are not the same country.

The joke of using "Golden Chinese Lucky Cats" is that they are properly known as; "Manek-neko (Beckoning Cat). They are Japanese in origin. Chinese people have appropriated them from Japanese culture.

I think I've just heard the sound of a Snowflake's brain exploding.

So I think I should warn potential new competitors that while I've already covered Israel's entry I've got a feeling I could revisit it over and over again and still not get to the centre. Rather like the Song Contest itself.

Another tactic the 'progressive liberals' have recently adopted to silence any form of dissent or even the holding of a different point of view is this mythical; "Russian Hacking" and "Fake News."

In short if someone puts forward a different point of view on social media they are instantly labelled a Russia Troll and their statements dismissed as Fake News.

This is obviously very important to the main theme of how NATO has managed to get its relationship with Russia so wrong.

I actually had an interesting experience of this during the Winter Olympics.

Frequently Tweeting out links to this blog using the term; "Winter Olympics" Twitter's Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems identified me as an AI system. As a result part of my account was suspended and I was unable to Tweet links for a couple of days.

I had my account fully reinstated on February 15th (15/2/18) effectively getting a certificate from Twitter proving that I'm human. On February 16th (16/2/18) US Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller issued indictments for 13 Russian individuals and companies he accused of operating Fake News bots.

Over the course of the next six hours I got reported to Twitter as a Russian bot like seven times from 'progessive liberals' who disagreed with me. I imagine that these days Twitter just sends reports of that nature on my account straight to the junk folder.

In the short gap between the Winter Olympics and Para-Olympics there was the Skripal poisoning in the UK. The one thing British investigators have proved about this is that the Russians didn't do it. British scientists have proved the intelligence claiming Russia did it was false.

However the UK blamed Russia anyway and led a mass expulsion of Russian diplomats from NATO nations. The vast majority being expelled from the US.

Shortly afterwards the US declared it has detected a 3000% increase in Russian bot activity spreading Fake News about the Skripal poisoning. By which they meant sharing links to stories from established news networks about British scientists saying; "The Russians Didn't Do It."

About a week later Britain one-upped the US by claiming there had been a 4000% increase in Russian bot activity. This must have been a satire on America's claim.

The British list included a number of well known Syrian journalists. It also included a vast number of British citizens. Many of whom were promptly interviewed by the British media showing quite clearly they were neither bots nor Russian.

At one point BBC News presenter Annita McVeigh accused a guest named Alan West of being part of a Russian propaganda conspiracy. His full title is Admiral The Right Honourable Alan Baron West of Spithead, GCB, DSC, PC. He is the former head of Britain's Royal Navy and Government Minister for Security and Counter-Terrorism.

During this year's Song Contest there was actually an interesting development on Mueller's 13 indictments. One of the Russian companies answered the indictment in a US Court. This prompted Mueller to demand the case be delayed. Up until that point he'd been working on the assumption his claims would go untested.

Switzerland's song featured references to people sitting on golden thrones and blood diamonds. The video ended with some the female rioters removing their face masks. Making them appear as if they were Muslim women removing the Niqab or full face veil.

The Run This Town video really lead to Rihanna's 2013 Diamonds World Tour. This has a special place in recent Song Contest history. As an example of just how stupid Obama actually was. He seemed to genuinely believe Rihanna would outgun Europe in something the Europeans do to each other every year for fun.

For reasons that are really best just accepted rather than analysed Obama claimed that the Run This Town video triggered the Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

So Rihanna was packed off on the Diamonds World Tour as punishment. The idea being she would be driven into a mental health crisis in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This cruelty would serve as a gesture of apology.

Obviously that failed. In fact during the European leg of the Diamonds World Tour Egypt had a second revolution overthrowing the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood puppet Mohammad Morsi. While the European nations were trying to work out where the other 40 competitors were hiding.

So the Gulf Monarchies mission to punish and humiliate Rihanna continued. Around the time of the 2017 Song Contest Saudi Arabia scored a success. They managed to trap Rihanna into a romantic relationship with the Saudi national Hassan Jameel. A man who in the past has acted as the Quartermaster for ISIL.

That continues to be a sensitive situation. However if the US is pressuring Rihanna to continue the relationship in an effort to gather information on the Middle-East. Well, clearly they're making a mess of it.

Switzerland were referencing this to show just how ashamed NATO and Europe should be for allowing themselves to be bullied by Obama. After Obama is clearly a coward and a fool. He'll give everything to anyone who stands up to him.

At Eurovision acts are judged by the panels not on their videos but on purely their live performance. Switzerland decided not to bring any of this on stage with them. As a result their performance in the First Semi-Final was Coco running around stage like some sort of manic while setting off flares and shouting at the audience.

Coco's style is very much the Bohemian chic of the Coachella music festival. These dedicated followers of fashion are the sort of people who will be very hostile to Russia over homophobia. Not because they have any understanding of the issue but because a famous fashion designer did a range of hats on the topic. Making it the absolute hottest trend.

As a heterosexual man even I find this type of woman annoying.

Coco's stage outfit certainly showed off her female form. A cropped T-shirt showed off her stomach and midriff. Low-slung leather trousers revealed the outline of the top of her pelvic bone. So while her genitals were not on display they were very strongly hinted at.

It is a long-running joke that gay men are made physically sick by the mere thought of female genitals.

Switzerland's song was simply them berating the Eurovision audience. In a style of rock music that tends not to do well at the Song Contest.

So I got the impression Switzerland were well aware they were saying something inflammatory and controversial. They were in no rush to be asked to repeat it at the Grand Final.

20:50 on 16/5/18 (UK date).

Monday, 14 May 2018

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Finale Pt.3.

A direct continuation of Part 2; http://watchitdie.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/the-2018-eurovision-song-contest-grand_13.html

As I've said the main theme of the 2018 Song Contest was;

How Did We All Get It So Horribly Wrong?!

This general theme was best encapsulated by Australia. Their entry was "We Got Love" by Jessica Mauboy. 

This song was in the glitzy disco pop style that Jessica Mauboy is famous for. In terms of famous female Australian popstars Jessica Mauboy is probably second only to Kylie Minogue.

However if you are familiar with this style of music which is common at Eurovision this song seems very low energy in comparison. Depressed even.

It's summing up the mood of the contest by going; "I know that we've been terrible. But we can pull through this. We can do better. We've got heart. We've got moxy. We've got love."

The main part of Australia's act is actually Mauboy herself.

Jessica Mauboy is Aboriginal. Even the term "Aboriginal" is considered quite offensive. Despite the common misconception Indigenous Australians are not one uniform block. They're actually made up of various tribes and are limited not just to the Australian mainland but also the islands such as Indonesia and Portuguese speaking Timor.

The artist biography that Australia submitted as part of their entry makes a big point of the fact that Jessica Mauboy's mother is part of the Wakaman and Kuku Yalanji tribes which are native to northern Queensland. Her father is from Timor.

Australia's indigenous peoples were a big part of the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. This featured different tribes performing rituals from their different traditions.

Indigenous rights activists were apparently not happy about this. Protesting outside the stadium at what they saw as yet another example of European colonialists stealing their wealth and culture.

The reference to the Commonwealth here also gently touches on Britain's exit from the European Union (EU) - The "Brexit." One of the main advantages for Britain of leaving the EU is that it gives it the freedom to pursue trade agreements with Commonwealth nations such as Australia.

Jessica Mauboy also represents the hard road Australia has had to walk to get accepted into the Eurovision Song Contest.

Due to its strong links to the UK Australia has taken an interest in the Song Contest since the first one back in 1956. It was in I think the late 1970's or early 1980's that Australia started broadcasting the Song Contest live.

It immediately picked up a large following in Australia. Particularly amongst Australia's gay community. This is made all the more impressive by the fact that in Australia the Song Contest takes place first thing in the morning. Even I think the Eurovision Song Contest is a bit much over breakfast.

So Australia really spent the next 30 years knocking on the door of the EBU begging to be allowed to participate in the Song Contest. In 2014 the EBU finally relented and gave Australia a sort of Official Observer status.

This allowed Jessica Mauboy to perform at the 2014 Song Contest. However she was only allowed to perform as a interval act rather than as part of the competition itself. No-one was allowed to vote for her and no-one in Australia was allowed to vote in the contest.

2016 marked the 50th anniversary of the Song Contest. So as a special treat Australia were allowed to compete in the contest. People could vote for them and Australians could vote in the contest.

Despite 2016 supposedly being a one-off Australia were allowed to compete in 2017 and have competed ever since. Australia's main complaint about this is that the EBU are being to easy on them allowing them to compete without being full members of the EBU. Australia want to fully play their part taking on the responsibilities of being full EBU members.

In late 2016 the EBU decided to change their rules. The Song Contest is now open to not just full EBU members but also associate EBU members. There has already been significant interest from the Republic of Korea (RoK/South) and Brazil. Explaining why Portugal are hosting this year.

Having spent 36 years battling for inclusion in the Song Contest Australia has reasonably questioned whether the EBU are now perhaps making it too easy. Not that they're specifically opposed to other nations joining. They've got love for them.

This expansion issue is a really important part of Eurovision admin. However here it's quite a long tangent for me to be going off again. So I will return to this topic later.

The area where the Song Contest has really got things horribly wrong in recent years is in its relationship with Russia.

Of the 40 nations participating this year which aren't Russia 25 of them are also members of the 29 member North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) military alliance. Two other NATO members - Turkey and Slovakia - are full members of the EBU and have a long history of participation in the Song Contest.

So in many ways this large bloc represents NATO. Just without the North American influence of the US and Canada.

As such the main sub-theme this year has been;

NATO's Relationship With Russia.

Particularly since 2013 the Song Contest has been used as a way to show who supports the US' interference in and creation of Shamali Province and who opposes it.

With the exceptions of Lithuania and Estonia that discussion has now given way to a universal acceptance that NATO's attitude towards Russia is wrong and unacceptable. This year people are examining the reasons why NATO has got its attitude towards Russia so horribly wrong.

What poisoned NATO's relationship with Russia was the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and associated groups. Both in Syria and Libya. Under former President Obama the US supported ISIL. Russia opposed them.

So now apparently all of NATO has to hate Russia because ISIL are such a likable and humane organisation.

So within the discussion about NATO's relationship with Russia there is frequent discussion about the wars in Syria. Libya and Shamali Province. Along with the problems they have created for Europe such as terrorism and the migrant/refugee crisis. 

Opening the discussion and almost the Song Contest itself there is NATO member Iceland. With their song; "Our Choice" by Ari Olafsson.

During the Cold War Iceland was a massively strategically important country. Located almost directly on the North Pole if the US and the Soviet Union were going to start a nuclear war those missiles and bombers would all fly over Iceland.

As Obama's hostility towards Russia grew he announced in 2015 that the US would re-open the Cold War Keflavik Air Base in Iceland. Obama claimed this was necessary to guard against Russia aggression. As if Russia were suddenly going to start firing missiles over Iceland at the US again.

Obama's designated successor for President Hillary Clinton ran her entire campaign based on the conspiracy theory that her opponent Donald Trump was some sort of Russian agent. Since Trump defeated Clinton the US Democrats and their dedicated followers in the US media have really ramped up this conspiracy theory.

Even before President Trump took up office in January 2017 the US media circulated an entirely false story that Trump was planning to hold a Cold War style summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Iceland. The implication being that Trump planned to thank Putin for rigging the US election so he would we.

Both in 2015 and now Iceland are putting their hand up and going; "Erm. As a sovereign nation in our own right don't we get a say in this?"

Having rapidly decided that Iceland and other European NATO members definitely do get a say in this the song goes on to call on European nations to disagree with the US and choose another path.

The general tone of the song is; "If Obama wants to fight with Russia and turn America into a failed state that's fine. We do not have to follow him."

This has become particularly relevant due to President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Trump finished making that announcement at around 18:20 GMT. Iceland took to the stage at around 19:10 GMT.

In a concept which is very familiar to the Eurovision community when we talk about Iran's nuclear weapons program we're not really talking about Iran's nuclear weapons program. Instead we're talking about the conventional weapons it supplies to groups such as Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

These weapons are supplied via complex smuggling routes across the Persian Gulf, East African nations like Sudan and Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. Keeping track of these weapons shipments requires an equally complex network of spies and secret agents.

There is one US TV Show in which this is a major theme. "NCIS: Los Angeles."

One of the main characters in the show is "Sam Hanna" played by LL Cool J. He is a former Navy SEAL who keeps talking about his time serving in Sudan. Periodically he gets loaned out to other agencies like the CIA to continue his work on arms control in East Africa.

In real life we would reveal these secret networks and get the Sam Hanna's of this world killed if we referred to them directly. So instead we use Iran's nuclear weapons program as a coded metaphor.

The problem is that successive US President's and EU leaders have treated the conflict between Israel and Palestine as if it were some sort of toy for them to play with. Obama has been particularly bad in this respect.

In his first year in office he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama took this to mean that he was going to be one to solve this conflict which has been running longer then the Song Contest.

However Obama couldn't be bothered to learn the complexities of the conflict. Such as what we really mean when we talk about Iran's nuclear weapons program.

So Obama simply shut down all that complexity by getting the EU along with Russia and China to impose vice-like sanctions on Iran over its nuclear weapons program. Killing the conversation stone dead.

Eventually the US along with the EU, Russia and China realised this was a horrifying mistake. So they began negotiations for the Iran Nuclear Agreement as a way for them to lift the sanctions on Iran while still being able to save face.

So the issue has never been the Nuclear Agreement. Instead it's been the fact that the EU, Russia and China were stupid enough to follow Obama's idiotic lead by placing sanctions on Iran in the first place.

With President Trump pulling the US out of the Nuclear Agreement the EU, Russia and China is once again faced with that choice. Do they idiotically follow the US or do they choose the sensible path.

Iceland's message is also timely because of the opening today of Trump's Embassy to nowhere in Jerusalem. Europe most certainly does not have to follow the US' idiotic lead.

Although I think with the US' UN Security Council veto being overturned by the UN General Assembly Europe, like much of the rest of the World has made its position on that issue quite clear.

Iceland has also long toyed with the idea of joining the EU. They are members of the wider European Economic Area (EEA). They were on course to become full EU members until in 2013 they suspended their membership application. A decision which produced almost as big a shock to the EU as Britain deciding to leave.

So while it isn't their main point Iceland's decision not to join the EU is a sort of sub-plot to "Our Choice."

Frustratingly I don't think I'll be able to continue this until Wednesday (16/2/18) at the earliest.

17:30 14/5/18 (UK date).