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The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: Winners & Stand Outs Pt.2

This is best read as a continuation of Part 1; https://watchitdie.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-2018-eurovision-song-contest.html

Italy: This year they were represented by Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro with the song; "Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente (You Did Not Do Anything To Me)."

Italy's entry this year was not so much overtly political as horrifyingly political.

The main theme of this year's Song Contest has been; "How Did We All Get It So Horribly Wrong." The symptom of Eurovision and Europe's collective failure that Italy have decided to focus on is the massive rise in Islamist terrorism.

The lyrics of the song directly reference specific Islamist terrorist attacks;
"The sun on La Rambla today isn't the same." In reference to the August 17th 2017 (17/8/17) attack on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain which killed 13 and wounded at least 130.

"In France, there's a concert // People having fun // Someone sings powerfully // Someone screams at death." In reference to the November 13th 2015 (13/11/15) series of attacks in Paris, France which killed 130 and wounded at least 400 more. Including at the Bataclan concert venue.

"In Nice, the sea is red with fire and shame // With people on the asphalt and blood in the sewer."  In reference to the July 14th 2016 (14/7/16) attack in Nice, France which left 86 people dead and at least a further 400 injured. A particularly useful reference with one half of France's entry this year being originally from Nice.

Then there is the lyric; "In London it always rains, but today it doesn't hurt // The sky makes no exception, even for a funeral."  

That could be a reference to any number of Islamist terror attacks that have struck the British capital recently. Including the March 22nd 2017 (22/3/17) Westminster attack which resulted in 5 deaths and 49 injuries. Or the June 3rd 2017 (3/6/17) London Bridge attack which left 8 people dead 48 wounded.

What is interesting is that it doesn't reference the May 22nd (22/5/17) Manchester Evening News Arena (MENA) attack. Resulting in the deaths of 22 people and leaving 139 this was by far the most deadly attack Britain experienced in 2017. 

By targeting children it also stood out as particularly spiteful. Alongside the May 30th 2017 (30/5/17) bombing of the Al-Faqma Ice Cream shop in Baghdad, Iraq during Ramadan.

The song's lack of accuracy continued with the lyric; "Now they don't know what time it is in Cairo."

Egypt has been struck by numerous appalling Islamist terror attacks. 

These include the so-called "Palm Sunday Bombings" which killed 47 and wounded 126 in bombings at two Coptic Christian Churches on April 9th 2017 (9/4/17). The November 24th (24/11/17) attack on the al-Rawda Mosque which killed 311 and wounded at least 122.

The thing is that none of these attacks happened in Egypt's capital Cairo. The al-Rawda Mosque attack took place in al-Rawda in the Sinai Peninsula. The Palm Sunday bombings took place in the cities of Alexandria and Tanta which sit on the Mediterranean coast around 220km (130 miles) and 80km (50 miles) north or Cairo respectively.  

However if the song had referenced al-Rawda, Alexandria or Tanta rather than the capital Cairo it's unlikely anyone would have realised it was talking about Egypt. 

Highlighting that Europeans seem happy to ignore Islamist terror attacks when they happen in Arab nations. Even if in places such as Spain's Melilla region those Arab nations are directly connected to European nations.

At 311 the death toll from the al-Rawda Mosque attack alone dwarfs the total of 246 from all the terror attacks in European nations mentioned in the song combined.

I also found the claim that when it comes to Islamist terrorism Egyptians don't know what time it is unusual.

In January 2011 the Egyptian people overthrew the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak.

Turkish President/Prime Minister/Emperor Recep Tayyip Erdogan saw in this an opportunity to create the New Ottoman Empire. Exploiting his links with the Muslim Brotherhood organisation he installed Mohammed Morsi as his puppet President.

Erdogan actually celebrated Morsi's June 30th 2012 (30/6/12) inauguration by flying a Turkish F-4 Phantom jet in Syrian airspace. 

When this Turkish jet was predictably shotdown Erdogan tried to use this example of; "Syrian Aggression" as an excuse to launch an overt Turkish invasion of Syria. In order to overthrow its government and establish a New Ottoman Empire stretching all the way from Bulgaria to Sudan. 

In 2013 then US President Barack Obama dispatched Rihanna on her Diamonds World Tour (DWT). 

This was intended as an apology by the US to the Gulf Monarchies for Rihanna's role in Egypt's 2011 revolution. Not least because of the fact that Rihanna had absolutely no role in Egypt's 2011 revolution this has become a byword in Eurovision circles for Obama's utter incompetence.

Funnily enough Obama's cunning plan to use a popstar to convey hidden political messages did not faze the nations of the Eurovision Song Contest one little bit. In fact during the European leg of Rihanna's DWT everyone got bored and did something else.

What the Egyptian people did on July 3rd 2013 (3/7/13) was hold a second revolution to overthrow the Turkish puppet regime of Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

So to me it seems that when it comes to the current wave of Islamist terror the Egyptian people know what time it is and have known for a good few years.

They're just waiting for western nations to figure out what time it is. Despite all the expensive watches Qatari lobbyists have been buying for western politicians.

The video in support of the song is equally emotive. 

It mixes real-life footage of the aftermath and memorials to the terror attacks mentioned with equally real-life footage of the current war in Syria. At a certain point the footage reverses as if bombs could be undropped or bullets unfired. The video features the lyrics of the song as subtitles in many languages. Most notably Ukrainian and Russian.

Alongside the real-life footage the video also features battle scenes from a movie set in Afghanistan. I think this may be from the 2015 Danish move; "A War." However not being able to specifically place it I think it may have been shot just for this video.

This mixture of real-life and fiction takes a jab at particularly America's attitude to the conflict in Syria under Obama.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) frequently produce propaganda video showing their battlefield victories. Many of these scenes are in fact stolen from video games and movies. Particularly the 2013 Russian movie; "Stalingrad."

In response to this Russia have taken to trolling America by sneaking similar footage from video games and movies into their press releases. Predictably the US has condemned Russia's fictional claims while accepting ISIL's lies as fact.

One particular sequence from the video shows Syrian troops patrolling a ruined city street alongside a civilian woman and a child. She is wearing a full Islamic veil. This footage is taken from Aleppo City following its liberation in December 2016.

When Aleppo City was on the verge of being liberated western nations, led by France, tried really hard to stop it being freed. They claimed that Syrian troops would slaughter all the civilians living there. As this footage proves that was a complete lie.

The sequence also serves as reminder that the forces who occupied Aleppo City up to its liberation do not share the western values of democracy, inclusion and diversity so treasured by the Eurovision community. They are Islamist extremists who wish to overthrow Syria's secular government so they can exterminate all those who do not adhere to their warped version of Islam.

When it comes to terrorist attacks on European nations ISIL are particularly fixated on Italy.

ISIL are an apocalyptic organisation. They believe that they are fulfilling a religious prophecy which will bring about the end of the World. First they will defeat the "Crusaders." This will trigger a final battle against the Shia Muslim "Unbelievers" during which God will ascend to Earth ending the World and leading ISIL to victory.

In this prophecy quite who these "Crusaders" are is not exactly clear. However the prophecy dates back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad who lived at the end of the 6th Century AD and the start of the 7th Century AD.  Therefore it precedes the Christian Crusades of the 11th and 12th Century AD by a good 300 years.

One of the key military leaders during the time of the Prophet was Khalid Ibn al-Walid. He commanded the Prophet's forces during the Battle of Medina and ISIL's affiliate in the Daraa/Golan Heights area of Syria have adopted the name The Army of Khalid Ibn al-Walid/Jaish al-Khalid Ibn al-Walid in honour of him.

Following the death of the Prophet, Khalid Ibn al-Walid led the 634AD to 638AD Muslim Conquest of the Levant. He did this by defeating the Byzantine-Roman Empire.

As such it is reasonable to conclude that in ISIL's prophecy the "Crusaders" are the Romans. Or as they're known now; "The Italians."

Italy also completely surround the Vatican City. A nation state in its own right the Vatican City is home to the Catholic Pope. As the supreme leader of all the World's Catholics the Pope can be viewed as something like a Muslim Caliph. And therefore a rival to ISIL's own self-proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ISIL have repeatedly threatened to attack Italy. In August 2016 they launched a big online propaganda campaign claiming that they would soon conquer the Italian capital Rome. 

One ISIL member in particular claimed that they would conquer Rome and execute all of Europe's gays by throwing them off the; "Leaning Tower of Pizza."

We think he meant the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Which isn't in Rome. It's in Pisa.

The Para-Olympic themed British TV show; "The Last Leg" responded to this threat by starting the Twitter hashtag; "Jihadi Food Tours." 

This suggested other food based pun related landmarks ISIL might like to try to conquer. Such as France's "Notre Ham Cathedral." This hashtag went global with people who'd never heard of the TV show joining in for weeks after it started.

Particularly during the time of the 2014 Winter Olympics the US hijacked Russia's poor record on gay-rights to drum up support for ISIL. The Last Leg have enjoyed this Russia bashing almost as much as the Eurovision community have done.

It is rather strange that supposed supporters of gay-rights are in such a rush to condemn Russia for its opposition to Islamist terrorists who want to and do murder gay people by throwing them off tall buildings.

Despite repeated threats to the point of obsession ISIL have not yet attacked Italy. In short they've done nothing to them. 

At around 15:25 on 19/6/18 (UK date) I will explore the reasons for that tomorrow (clue; Stockholm, 1975). I have no desire to be adding to this during the Russia V Egypt World Cup match.

Edited at around 15:05 on 20/6/18 (UK date) to add;

Italy actually experienced a similar thing with Al Qaeda following the September 11th 2001 (11/9/01) attacks. Hence why the twin towers of light at the 9/11 Memorial featured so heavily in the video in support of the song.

Following the 9/11 attacks Al Qaeda did carry out other attacks. In Bali, Indonesia in 2002. In Madrid, Spain in 2004. In London, UK in 2005. There were also various other Al Qaeda attacks which were thwarted before they could take place.

Al Qaeda however not only didn't attack Italy they did not even attempt to attack Italy.

9/11 era Al Qaeda are a different group from the one that currently operates in places like Syria. Both version of Al Qaeda are significantly different from ISIL.

Al Qaeda's name literally translates as; "The Base." This is very much how they operate as a core clandestine network. That core network then recruits, equips and directs small local cells which actually carry out the attacks. 

For a long time Al Qaeda used Italy as essentially their logistics hub within Europe. This is where they did all the things like financing and coordinating communications. Things which on their own are often not actually illegal and certainly don't amount to terrorism. 

As such Al Qaeda declined to attack Italy in order to protect this logistics hub from the scrutiny that would come from the mass security response to an attack.

Nearly twenty years later it is easy to forget just how irrational and obnoxious the US became in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. 

For example the CIA declared me to be an Al Qaeda member and demanded that Britain's security services monitor me. Although the request to extradite me to Guantanamo Bay never came it was always in the background of these conversations. Mine is just one of several thousand similarly ludicrous cases.

Then of course in 2003 the US invaded Iraq. In defiance of the the UN Security Council and against the best advice of its European allies.

With the US burning its bridges with its allies those allies became a lot less inclined to help the US. For example the UK knew for a long time that Osama bin Laden was hiding out in Pakistan. However deciding that any threat he posed was contained and monitored they thought it was funny not to let the Americans in on that little secret.

Eventually investigations into other terror attacks did lead investigators back to Al Qaeda's network in Italy and it was dismantled. In the paranoid atmosphere elements within the US intelligence community became convinced that Italy had been sheltering this Al Qaeda network as a way to spite America.

With Italy again seeming to be spared ISIL attacks this conspiracy theory has started to re-emerge. That Italy has done a deal to protect ISIL provided ISIL doesn't attack Italy. Although I have to say that I've only heard this from attention seeking commentators rather than anyone at the professional, governmental level.

The real reason why Italy hasn't been attacked by ISIL is a lot less interesting. Although everyone seems to forget about it Italy actually has an extremely long and successful history in battling terrorism.

In discussing the war against ISIL and associated groups I often mention this Cold War Arc of Resistance. This is a network of groups such as the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) in Palestine. The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Turkey. The Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) in Northern Ireland and so on.

The Arc of Resistance also had a presence in continental western Europe. In Italy there was the Brigate Rosse (Red Brigades). They were closely linked in ideology and methods to the more famous West Germany group the Red Army Faction (RAF/Baader-Meinhof).

The artist biography in support of the entry makes a point of the fact that Fabrizio Moro was born in Rome in 1974. The year the Red Brigades expanded their operations to Rome.

According to West German intelligence the Red Army Faction plotted to attack the 1975 Song Contest held in Stockholm, Sweden prompting a massive increase in security.

When I talk about the Arc of Resistance I also often talk about the Gladio Network. This is a NATO-led clandestine network intended to counter the Arc of Resistance groups in a way that traditional security services can't be seen to do. It really shouldn't come as a surprise that the Gladio Network began in Italy.

In the Arab world these clashes between the Arc of Resistance and the Gladio Network made the AK-47 assault rifle an iconic weapon. In Northern Ireland the same clashes led to the AR-18 assault rifle gaining similar iconic status.

The actions of the Red Brigades made an icon out of another weapon. The Beretta PM-12 sub-machine gun. This was used by all sides in the conflict. It also made a resurgence after the November 2015 Paris Massacres when the French police started digging them out of their armouries.

Of the Gladio Network probably the only overt group is the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). However as Turkey's election on Sunday (24/6/18) shows they have been totally absorbed by the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Justice & Development Party (AKP).

The rest of the groups in the Gladio Network are so clandestine that they don't even have names. Instead they exist hidden in the shadows of the criminal underworld. This allows them to fund and arm themselves. It also allows their actions to be plausibly denied as simply underworld feuds between drug dealers.

Terrorists also need some access to the criminal underworld in order to fund and arm themselves. The presence of the Gladio Network helps to deny terrorists that access.

Italy's criminal underworld is famously extremely well organised. It is highly unlikely that the Mafia groups are giving ISIL the freedom they need to plan and carry out attacks in Italy.

The presence of the Mafia also means that Italian police and security forces are extremely well practised in infiltrating and acting against groups which are much more organised than ISIL.

Within Italy you have the far-right, anti-immigrant Lega Nord (Northern League) party. Following the Song Contest they have formed part of Italy's coalition government. Lega Nord have been extremely successful in using the threat of Islamist terrorism in promoting their anti-immigrant agenda.

By reminding people that despite all the immigration Italy has not experienced an Islamist terror attack this song seems to be inviting Lega Nord to shut-up with their nonsense.

Both Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro are extremely popular and successful artists. Meta has 8 Platinum and 7 Gold records to his name. Moro has 4 Gold albums. Artists of this calibre and reputation are normally a sign that a nation really wants to win the Song Contest.

However Italy's entry clearly violates the golden; "No Overt Politics" rule. Breaking this rule inevitably leads to entries being marked down and is normally a clear sign that a nation really doesn't want to win the Song Contest.

This year France also very clearly broke this golden rule. They did that because the threat of Islamist terrorism means that they don't want to go to the effort of hosting and providing security for the 2019 Song Contest.

Italy's entry addressed the issue of Islamist terrorism directly. Therefore I think it's possible that people interpreted it as Italy also trying to avoid hosting the 2019 Song Contest due to the security challenges.

However I think that Italy were trying to win as an open challenge to ISIL. By showing that they are in no way afraid of hosting the 2019 Song Contest.

Also I say that songs which break the golden rule get marked down and never win. In 2016 Shamali Province broke the rule with the overtly political song "1944." As has been a big talking point this year they were rewarded with victory. Then went on to promptly abuse that privilege.

So Italy seem to be making the point that if we can ignore the rules to support ISIL we should be allowed to ignore the rules to oppose them.

Therefore I would have chosen Italy as my winner. Particularly as Shamali Province has still not been punished for their bad behaviour.

16:20 on 20/6/18 (UK date).


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The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: Winners & Stand Outs

Having explored the main themes of the Song Contest what I would normally do now is look at the top three finishers. Along with some of the acts which didn't particularly fit in with the main themes but stood out anyway.

This year Third Place went to Austria. I have already covered their entry as part of the immigration theme here; https://watchitdie.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-2018-eurovision-song-contest-grand_28.html

Second Place went to Cyprus. I have already covered their entry as part of the Daniela Ruah theme here; https://watchitdie.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-2018-eurovision-song-contest-grand_11.html

First Place went to Israel. Due to Israel's decision to accompany their entry with large-scale bombing of Syria I did a quick overview of their entry before even the Second Semi-Final had taken place. However as winners and therefore 2019 Song Contest hosts I think that it is important that I cover them in full detail.

Israel: This year they were represented by Netta with the song; "TOY."

Israel are traditionally one of the most skilled nations in the political aspects of the Song Contest. They use the Song Contest to gauge how their often controversial policies are viewed by the nations of Europe.

So for example if Israel are doing something unpopular such as a war they make a very strong entry to the Song Contest. The strength of the entry is then used to off-set the unpopularity of Israel's actions. Likewise if Israel does something popular like entering into peace talks they make a very weak entry into the Song Contest.

In recent years anti-Semitism has been on the rise across Europe. This has taken all of the precision out of Israel's role within the Song Contest. Neither Israel's actions nor the strength of their entry matter. Israel never make it through to the Grand Final because, Jews.

By 2014 things had got so bad Israel threatened to withdraw from the competition unless if not the precision returned they were at least given something resembling a fair chance.

This year Israel has been extremely naughty. Or more accurately US President Trump has been extremely naughty on Israel's behalf.

In December 2017 President Trump announced that he was moving the US Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem.

This caused international outrage for the simple reason that Jerusalem is not in Israel.

Under UN Resolution 181 (1947)  Jerusalem has "Corpus Separatum/Separated Body" status. This meant that it was neither part of Israel nor part of Palestine. Instead it is supposed to be administered by the international community under the auspices of the UN.

President Trump's announcement was condemned by 14 of the 15 members of the UN Security Council (UNSC). However the condemnation was vetoed by the US. So the matter was taken to the UN General Assembly (UNGA) where the US' veto was overturned. This was only the 11th time the UNGA has overturned a UNSC veto.

President Trump though pressed ahead regardless. The US Embassy to nowhere officially opened on May 14th (14/5/18). Two days after the Song Contest Grand Final.

In order to off-set that level of naughtiness Israel needed to produce an extremely strong 2018 Song Contest entry. You'd be tempted to say that they needed to go big.

That is almost literally what they did with their singer Netta being something of a larger lady.

I would hesitate to describe Netta as fat. I think we could all do with losing a little weight. However I suspect that if you gave Netta a dietitian, personal chef and personal trainer she would still be roughly the same size and shape. That is just how she is made.

On the surface the song is about a casual relationship she has with a man who treats her as something of a consolation prize. He's always on the market, out looking for a slimmer, more attractive woman. However every time he ends up empty handed he goes to spend the night with the big girl.

The song is an intimately personal experience which is in no way overtly political. However it is easy to extrapolate it to talk about how men treat women more generally. This has been a significant topic of late. Particularly in America with the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the associated; "Times Up" and "Me Too" movements.

Once you're into a discussion about the way men treat women as toys its quite easy to compare it to the way that western politicians treat Israel.

It seems that every time a western leader takes up office for the first time they immediately pledge that they are going to be ones to finally solve the Israel/Palestine conflict. France's Emmanuel Macron being the most recent example.

I hate to break it to them all but the only people who are going to solve the Israel/Palestine conflict are the Israelis and the Palestinians.

By far the most serious offender in this area recently has been former US President Barack Obama.

Immediately upon taking up office Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. In Obama this seemed to trigger a sort of Grandiose Delusion similar to the famous; "Jerusalem Syndrome." The Nobel was apparently a divine symbol that Obama was to unite all the religions and peoples of the World in peace.

Unfortunately in his delusion Obama decided that he didn't need to do any of the work needed to understand the extremely complex Israel/Palestine conflict. Things like the issue of Iran's nuclear program and how it serves as a metaphor for conventional weapons shipment routes by Iran to Palestinian groups.

Rather than learning about this Obama decided to shut it all down by bullying the EU along with Russia and China to impose sanctions on Iran. Then realising his mistake introducing the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal to lift those sanctions.

The Israeli airstrikes on Iranian targets during Eurovision week represented the most significant Israeli attacks on Syria since 1974. To give you an idea of how much more dangerous Obama made the World by shutting down that valuable diplomatic tool.

Not only was Obama not interested in learning about the complexities of the Israel/Palestine conflict he would frequently get bored and go off to play with something else. Rather like a child with their toy box.

For example Obama seemed to see no conflict between his efforts to bring peace to Israel and Palestine and his efforts to overthrow the Syrian government by backing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and associated groups. To this day I still don't think Obama realises that Syria is right next to Israel. In fact Israel slightly intrudes into Syria.

America is famously one of the most obese nations on Earth. It should come as little surprise then that the passions of fat women has emerged as something of a genre within US pop music.

One such example of the genre is the 2015 song; "Exes and Ohs" by Elle King. This is a song about a woman's frustration about all the men falling in love with her and being unable to cope when she uses them like toys, dumping them after she's had her fun.

Azerbaijan's entry this year was "X My Heart" by Aisel. In almost unprecedented scenes for the Song Contest this was Azerbaijan expressing support and even admiration for its long time enemy Armenia. The link with the Elle King song gave Israel automatic entry into any discussions about that unusual state of affairs.

The way that Exes and Ohs was marketed as Elle King's debut single is an interesting study in society's attitudes towards female beauty.

Normally when a record company launches a new artist they heavily promote them. They bribe radio and TV music stations for heavy airplay. They bribe newspapers and magazines to do photoshoots and interviews. Sometimes they even resort to conventional advertising with print and TV commercials.

In this Internet age social media also plays a huge role. Within its; "Moments" function Twitter has a music section. This is full of the accounts of people you've never heard but whose record company are working really hard to make famous. Then there are all the AstroTurf 'fan' campaigns to get song releases trending and videos certified on streaming services like YouTube and Vevo.

The marketing campaign for Exes and Ohs was very different. It was based entirely on radio airplay with no images of the singer released at all. This allowed people to imagine what Elle King looked like as they listened to what is a very catchy song.

I actually remember casually reading a magazine article about the song and Elle King. As with the rest of the marketing campaign this contained no photographs. However it appeared next to an article about the singer Tori Kelly which did include photographs.

Not having a clue who Tori Kelly was I mistook the photograph of her for a photograph of Elle King. Therefore listening to Exes and Ohs in future I had this mental image of it being sung by a twenty something, slim, American blond.

I think then it was a shock to everyone when Elle King finally appeared on our TV screens. Looking at this woman, who like Netta is on the larger side, the general reaction seemed to be; "Men wouldn't be fighting over her. She's a consolation prize."

So this year Lithuania ended their performance by apologising for their act. Britain pulled their act offstage midway through after accepting that it was rubbish.

Israel used their act to tell you exactly where they wanted to finish in the competition.

Probably the most famous song in this genre is; "All About That Bass." The 2014 debut by Meghan Trainor.

This song is a protest against society's attitudes towards female beauty. Despite all the airbrushed images of stick thin models Meghan Trainor is proud of her curves and wobbly bits and has no plans to change for any man.

Within the Syria conflict Israel's position has long been that it will not tolerate Iran establishing bases within Syria.

On May 7th (7/5/18) - the day before the First Semi-Final - Israel came out and said it would assassinate the Syrian President if he allowed Iran to establish those bases. The week of Israeli bombing that accompanied the Song Contest was intended to make clear that for Israel it is all about the bases.

The US' response to Israel's concerns has been painfully literal.

The US are maintaining a base designated; "Bobby Sands" near al-Tanf in order to block an Iranian road route from Iraq to Damascus. Shortly after the Song Contest the US blocked a Syrian offensive against the ISIL affiliate The Army of Khalid Ibn al-Walid/Jaish al-Khalid Ibn al-Walid close to the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. Again this is being done in the name of Israel's protection by preventing Iran establishing bases in Daraa Province.

By granting ISIL these de facto safe havens in Syria the US is prolonging the conflict. This provides Iran with a legitimate reason to maintain a military presence within Syria. As the recent Israeli airstrikes made a point of the US' actions are not inhibiting Iran's ability to operate in Syria whatsoever.

In fact the longer the US delays abandoning Obama era thinking and adopting a credible strategy the less likely anything except a permenant, frozen conflict becomes.

One of the main themes of this year's Song Contest has been condemnation of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) in the US. Based on the lie that Micheal Brown was murdered by racist police while having his hands up in surrender this was created by Obama in an effort to swing the 2014 mid-term elections in the Democrats favour.

Black Lives Matter have become a sort of shorthand for much wider attempts by political forces who - without a hint of irony - describe themselves as; "Progressive Liberals" to silence any form of dissent or even the holding of a different point of view.

These 'Progressive Liberals' would label any comment about a woman's weight or physical appearance as the hate crime of; "Fat Shaming."

When it comes to women like Netta or Elle King they have something of a point. Those women are just naturally larger than average and shouldn't be made to feel ashamed of or apologise for that fact.

However the cry of; "Fat Shaming!" more often than not comes from women who are fat because they eat far too much food and do far too little exercise. Their lazy and slovenly lifestyles are doing great damage to their health and pointing that out is legitimate criticism.

An interesting study in this area is the US popstar Kelly Clarkson.

When Kelly Clarkson first emerged after winning American Idol in 2002 she was slim, healthy and very much conformed to conventional standards of female beauty. As you can see in the video for her debut single; "A Moment Like This."

Since then Kelly Clarkson has had much publicised battles with her weight at one point becoming extremely fat. I understand that her weight issues have been tied up with mental health problems such as post-natal depression so I hesitate to be too critical.

However I do remember seeing footage of Kelly Clarkson performing live at the Capital FM Summertime Ball in 2015 when she was probably at her most heavy. The effort of singing while walking around the stage was leaving her noticeably short of breath.

Commenting at that point that Kelly Clarkson needed to lose weight would not be an attempt to dismiss her as unattractive and worthless. It is a legitimate medical concern over whether she would need to be provided with a chair and an oxygen cylinder. A concern you would have because you do value her.

The irony of course is that after becoming famous Meghan Trainor immediately hired the dietitian, personal chef and personal trainer to dramatically lose weight and get rid of those curves she claimed to be so proud of.

At around 17:30 on 13/6/18 (UK date) I will try to finish this after dinner.

Edited at around 19:10 on 13/6/18 (UK date) to add;

The greatest thought crime invented by the 'progressive liberals' is that of; "Cultural Appropriation."

Given how widespread these ideas have become it should hardly come as a surprise that Israel's entry was been accused of just that. In her live performances Netta wore a Japanese-style Kimono and performed alongside possibly hundreds of "Golden Chinese Lucky Cats."

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest has followed shortly after the 2018 Winter Olympics and Para-Olympics held in the Republic of Korea (RoK). During all of the ceremonies of these events the South Korean hosts made frequent reference to the Eurovision Song Contest. A competition they clearly very much want to be involved in.

The hosts of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Para-Olympics will be China. This meant that they produced sequences in the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics and Para-Olympics. Something which no doubt piqued their already substantial interest in the Eurovision Song Contest.

One of the running jokes at the Olympics and Para-Olympics was the US' and particularly Vice President Mike Pence's seeming inability to realise that Japan and the RoK are not the same country. He probably thinks Kimonos are Korean.

Israel's use of these; "Chinese Lucky Cats" was an attempt to troll the 'progressive liberals' constantly on guard for Cultural Appropriate and other thought crimes. Properly known "Manek-neko (Beckoning Cat)" these Chinese Lucky Cats are actually Japanese in origin and have been culturally appropriated by the Chinese.

So the people outraged by Israel's cultural appropriation didn't actually know which culture was being appropriated from.

Mainly though Israel was referencing Japanese and Chinese culture to remind people that the Asian nations at the centre of the 2018 Winter Olympics were very interested in the Song Contest this year. It went on to suggest there might be certain financial advantages to expanding into those nations.

Through the hooded top she wore in particularly the video in support of the song Netta was referencing the British singer Jessie J.

Jessie J launched her career in 2005 with the song; "Do It Like A Dude." Since then she's rather faded in to obscurity releasing her last single in 2015. In 2012 and 2013 she was a coach on the UK version of The Voice. In 2015 and 2016 she was also a coach on the Australian version of The Voice.

It was a surprise then when at the start of 2018 Jessie J appeared on the similar Chinese singing competition; "Singer." Not as a coach but as a contestant. A show she went on to win.

The reason for this demotion was the absolutely huge amount of money she now stands to make from the hugely lucrative Chinese pop music market.  Rather like Netta in her live performance Jessie J is now surrounded by Chinese gold.

Through songs like Do It Like a Dude Jessie J is openly Bisexual. By which we mean; "Massive Lesbian who is worried about scaring off the US market."

On the topic of massive lesbians we have the US singer Beth Ditto famous for the band; "Gossip" and that one song they did that one time; "Standing in the Way of Control." Both being larger ladies Netta does somewhat resemble Beth Ditto inviting you to speculate on whether is also gay.

Israel is infinitely more tolerant of both women's rights and gay rights than its Muslim, Arab neighbours. This is simply a fact.

However Zionist Jews - like those who wish to make Jerusalem Israel's capital - frequently try to use this as an example of their moral superiority to Muslims and Arabs. A superiority that allows Israeli Jews to seize territory from Muslims and Arabs.

Like all Israelis Netta has performed compulsory military service. She served in the Israeli Navy as a singer.

Due to the host Daniella Ruah this year's contest has had a distinctly nautical theme to it. Rihanna's fanbase are known as; "The Navy." Due to her 2013 Diamonds World Tour Rihanna has become something of a byword for Obama's stupidity in Eurovision circles.

The fact that Netta is actually a Navy Veteran allows Israel to slot itself neatly into both of those themes.

The fact the entry as a whole plays up Israel's record as a supporter of gay rights along with its general overwhelming power makes you wonder if Netta is still on active service in the Israeli Navy. This being yet another example of Zionist Jews hijacking gay rights as a way to justify their aggression. After all the Israeli Air Force seem to have been acting as Netta's backing performers.

That of course touches on the issue of how the Eurovision crowd's obsession with gay rights leads to it being manipulated and made to look foolish. For example by voting for the Republic of Ireland this year or supporting Shamali Province generally.

One of Jessie J's most famous songs is 2011's "Price Tag." Israeli Zionist Jews - particularly West Bank Settlers - engage in what is known as; "Price Tagging."

Price Tagging is a campaign of vandalism targeting Palestinian Arab and increasingly Israeli Bedouin homes and property in order to drive them off their lands. Essentially the Zionist Jews are asking what price those people are prepared to pay to keep living on what the Zionists consider to be Jewish property.

Featuring lyrics such as; "Well keep the price tag" the Jessie J song was Britain sending the message that it supports Zionist Jews and their Price Tagging. This is the type of political messaging that most nations reserve for the Song Contest. However Britain considers itself too superior for that.

So rather than Israel's Song Contest entry being hijacked by Zionist Jews it actually included a protest by another group of Israeli Jews against the Zionists and their international backers.

Israel's gay capital is actually the nation's capital - Tel Aviv. People there have a long history of protesting against Zionist Jews. Particularly on the issue of Jerusalem.

For example when US President Trump was first considering moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel in 2017 the Israeli government was running and international tourism campaign. The main part of the pitch was that if you visited Israel you could spend half your holiday in Tel Aviv and half your holiday in Jerusalem.

The video in support of Israel's 2017 entry; "I Feel Alive" by IMRI very much resembled that government tourism campaign. But with one crucial difference. At Eurovision Israel loved Tel Aviv. And only Tel Aviv.

That spirit of protest continued in this year's entry. It is written by Doron Medalie who is most famous for the song; "Tel Aviv Ya Habibi" which translates as; "Tel Aviv My Love" with the words; "My Love" being in Arabic. This song has long been associated with Tel Aviv's Gay Pride festival and I think is now actually considered its official anthem.

So for a second year in a row Israel's entry has been a very large demonstration of Tel Aviv Pride.

This is why Israel were desperate to finish second and claim only the consolation prize for what is clearly, by far, this year's strongest entry.

That would have made a perfect Israeli protest against Trump's Embassy to nowhere. It shows that people do give credit to Israeli Jews when they deserve it. They just have legitimate political objections to Zionist Jews who want to occupy Jerusalem and Palestine.

I would've thought the best way to achieve that would be for the expert panels to slightly mark Israel down. Leading to heart stopping moments while we waited to find out if the public vote would carry them over the line.

Although if you believe the World is controlled by a secret conspiracy, Jewish or otherwise. Well then clearly you've never tried to rig the outcome of a Eurovision Song Contest.

The people behind Israel's entry are all Israeli. So they know better than anyone what it is like to live in Israel. 

Therefore they wanted to finish second because they know the Zionists will hijack Israel's hosting of the 2019 Song Contest as a way to legitimise Jerusalem as Israel's capital. They also know that it is quite likely the Zionists will win that argument.

That is why in accepting her victory Netta declared that she looked forward to welcoming everyone to Jerusalem next year. It was sarcasm.

The Song Contest's Grand Final is immediately followed by the winners press conference. That ends with a small ceremony marking the start of preparations for the next year's Song Contest.

So the very bitter arguments that will stretch out over the next year over whether it will be Jerusalem or Tel Aviv are already very much underway. I have to say that I can see no way in which the 2019 Song Contest can be held in Jerusalem.

For starters it goes entirely against the reason that Israel won the 2018 Song Contest; Tel Aviv Pride.

Most importantly it can't be held in Jerusalem for the same reason the US can't open an Embassy in Jerusalem;

Jerusalem is not in Israel.

20:55 on 13/6/18 (UK date).

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Finale Pt.12(b)

A direct continuation of Part (a); https://watchitdie.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-2018-eurovision-song-contest-grand_11.html

Croatia: They were represented by Franka with the song; "Crazy."

Franka studied performance and songwriting at the Berklee College of Music. In Daniela Ruah's native Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2009 Franka won the Croatian version of Dancing With The Stars. In 2006 Daniela Ruah won the debut season of the Portuguese version of Dancing With The Stars.

In the video in support of the song Franka is surrounded by dancers who have covered their skin in white ash/sand.

This could be interpreted as a reference to Australia's Jessica Mauboy. As her biography makes clear Jessica Mauboy's mother is part of both the Wakaman and Kuku Yalanji tribes of Australia's Indigenous population sometimes known as Aboriginal.

In March 2018 hosted the UK Commonwealth Games. A large part of the Opening Ceremony involved introducing visitors to Australia's many Indigenous tribes and their different rituals. Many of these rituals involved people covering their skin in white ash/sand and dancing around.

Primarily though it seemed to be a reference to the Nuer White Army which rose to prominence in 1991 during the Second Sudanese Civil War. Taking their name from the Nuer tribal practice of covering their skin in white ash to protect against insects the White Army quickly become notorious for their brutality including amongst other things cannibalism.

In NCIS: Los Angeles the Sam Hanna character keeps talking about his time spent as a Navy SEAL in Sudan. Occasionally he gets lent out to other government agencies such as the CIA to work on arms control in Sudan.

Although the show never explicitly says it this arms control is a reference to the complex arms smuggling routes that Iran has used to supply conventional weapons to Palestinian groups which include Sudan. In order to not endanger the real Sam Hanna's of this world these covert operations are euphemistically discussed as; "Iran's Nuclear Program."

Or at least they were until former US President Obama decided it was far too much work for him to learn about these complex discussions. So instead he bullied Europe along with Russia and China to impose sanctions on Iran shutting down the discussion.

Partly due to the arms supply routes Sudan has played another large role in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

In order to deflect attention from their mistreatment of the Palestinians Israel would frequently point to the conflict in Sudan's Darfur region and asked why people weren't equally outraged by that. The implication being that it was only anti-Semitism driving opposition to Israel's actions.

As a result the Darfur conflict became something of a cause celebre for often Jewish Hollywood liberals. Although not Jewish George Clooney got heavily involved in the Darfur conflict including by personally paying for very expensive satellite monitoring of the region.

The Darfur conflict is also heavily prompted by NCIS: Los Angeles. Apparently most of Sam Hanna's time as a Navy SEAL was spent rescuing civilians for the atrocities of the Janjaweed (literally; "Man with gun on horse)." Croatia's entry features the lyric; "Horses in the rain (reign) // Make it forever."

What was odd about Hollywood types obsession with the Darfur conflict was that it wasn't even the biggest or most brutal conflict going on in Sudan at the time. 

The main conflict going on was the Second Sudanese Civil War. Lasting from 1983 to 2005 that was fought between the Sudanese government and the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) based primarily in the south of the country. The White Army are on offshoot of the SPLA.

Aware of the links with the Israel/Palestine conflict the UN decided to solve the Second Sudanese Civil War by proposing a Two State Solution. Rather like the Two State Solution that has long been supported as a resolution to the Israel/Palestine conflict.

So in 2011 - under former US President Obama - Sudan was divided into two states. Sudan and the new nation of South Sudan.

This absolutely did not solve the problem. The Second Sudanese Civil War simply became an international conflict between Sudan and South Sudan. Almost immediately after it became a nation state South Sudan itself descended into civil war. Primarily between the Nuer and Dinka tribes.

There is obviously a lingering suspicion that Israel is fuelling these conflicts in an effort to prove that two state solutions simply do not work.

Croatia's song also features the lyric; "Just like Bonnie and Clyde." High powered supporters of former US President Obama and practitioners of "The Black Music" Jay-Z and Beyonce famously released the 2002 song; "03 Bonnie & Clyde" along with the 2003 song; "Crazy in Love."

The song also features the lyric; "No I need no diamonds." In reference to Jay-Z's protege Rihanna whose 2013 Diamonds World Tour was carried out at the behest of former US President Obama. 

Referencing Africa's mineral wealth that tour was intended to do great damage to the continent. Aiding and abetting not just the rise of Boko Haram in Nigeria but also a violent Muslim insurgency in the Central African Republic (CAR).

So here Croatia is very strongly objecting to US policy under Obama. It goes on to suggest that any black people who still believe in Obama must be crazy.

For good measure the artist biography in support of the entry makes clear that Franka began her singing career in the St Andrija (Saint Andrew) Church Choir.

Saint Andrew known as; "Andrew the Apostle" is a hugely important figure in the Russian Orthodox Church. It is believed that he travelled up the Dnieper River and erected a cross where the city of Kiev stands. Therefore creating Kiev almost through Divine Intervention.

As a result St Andrew is considered the Patron Saint of both Russia and Ukraine. That is why the Soviet naval flag uses the St Andrews cross and why it has been adopted by ethnically Russian forces in Shamali Provinces civil war.

As part of their program of ethnic cleansing the Waffen SS are currently trying to break the longstanding links with St Andrew and the Russian Orthodox Church.

19:00 on 12/6/18 (UK date).

Monday, 11 June 2018

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: Grand Finale Pt.12

This can be read as a continuation of the previous parts; https://watchitdie.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-2018-eurovision-song-contest-grand_7.html

Daniela Ruah.

This year there were four presenters of the Song Contest; Silvia Alberto, Catarina Furtado and Filomena Cautela. However it was the fourth that really caught everyone's attention.

Daniela Ruah is probably best known for her role as Special Agent Kensi Blye in the US TV Show; "NCIS: Los Angeles."

Like the other Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) franchises NCIS: Los Angeles is really at the coal face of syndicated, network TV.

All shows of this type have to produce around 25 episodes each year. Those episodes can't be particularly violent and portrayals of sex or bad language are strictly forbidden.

In order to allow them to be sold on and chopped up by other broadcasters each of those episodes need to be self-contained. That means a crime happens, a crime is investigated and a crime is solved all within the same episode. This leaves little room for complex story arcs and character development.

So rightly no-one would believe me if I claimed that shows like NCIS: Los Angeles are better than high budget, premium cable shows like; "Westworld" or "Game of Thrones."

However in many ways I think that the people involved in shows like NCIS: Los Angeles are more talented. They have to work with fewer resources and more restrictions than the people involved in shows like Westworld. That's something that appeals to people who have to create songs within the strict confines of Eurovision rules.

Incidentally Westworld doesn't half have a sense of superiority about it. For a show that is really only rehashing very rudimentary concepts from Animist religions and the Humanistic school of psychology. The likes of  Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers.

I think the people involved in NCIS: Los Angeles will appreciate then that I don't watch it in the same way that I watch something like the Eurovision Song Contest.

Also when watching any sort of TV show or movie I like to completely suspend my disbelief and totally believe the characters are real people living in a real world. I find that the more I know about the actors the harder that becomes.

A prime example of this is the show; "Big, Little Lies" which I watched recently.

In it you've got the Jane character who is new in town and has a troubled past. You've also got the Madeline character who seems a little crazy but is generally a good person. Then for reasons that are in no way explained these two women are friends with real-life Hollywood movie star Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman's portrayal of the Celeste character has been widely acclaimed. However I just couldn't get past the fact it was Nicole Kidman to realise that there was a fictional character being portrayed. I think though that was a problem with my brain rather than her performance.

So like a lot of people when it popped up in my Twitter timeline that Daniela Ruah was presenting the Song Contest I did that thing were I sort of recognised the name but couldn't place it. Discovering that she's the woman from that American TV show really posed more questions than it answered.

Daniela Ruah was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the US to Portuguese parents. Aged five the family returned to Portugal where she lived for the next 13 years making her TV acting debut. Daniela Ruah then spent the next six years living the UK. However from her work in NCIS: Los Angeles its clear that she has been based in the US for the last 11 years.

The Eurovision Song Contest has a long and rich history. Amid the round of shows, rehearsals, press events and parties that make up the contest week there is an unwritten rule; "You Can Only Talk About the Song Contest." You really have to wonder whether someone who has been based in the US for the past 11 years has the depth of knowledge needed to let them stick to that rule.

According to her Wikipedia biography at least Daniela Ruah does not have any previous experience presenting live TV. The Eurovision Song Contest presents a massive challenge for even experienced TV presenters. The mixture of a wide number of competing nations along with almost experimental broadcasting technology means that invariably something goes wrong.

One of the longstanding traditions of the Song Contest is announcement of the results. This involves doing a live satellite link with each of the participating nations and the host nation. The participating nations then give their scores one-by-one.

At the 1981 Song Contest these satellite links failed spectacularly. The presenter Doireann NĂ­ Bhriain was forced to resort to bringing a telephone on stage to call each of the participating nations up one-by-one. They were unable to establish even a telephone connection to Yugoslavia and when they finally did get through no-one in Yugoslavia had any results to give.

There are also a few things in Daniela Ruah's biography which risked being controversial at this year's Song Contest. Not least her role in NCIS: Los Angeles.

All of the NCIS franchises enjoy a close relationship with the US military. In return for letting the show play with some of their more expensive toys such as aircraft carriers the show portrays the US military in a positive light. The joke is you almost end every episode overwhelmed by this strange desire to join the US Navy.

Occasionally this has crossed into the show pushing US political propaganda. For example in the third season episode; "Deadline" which first aired in October 2011 the team race to protect a blogger who is helping to support the anti-Qaddafi 'revolution' in Libya. This pushes the American line that Libya's Islamist militias are heroic freedom fighters rebelling against tyranny.

Seven years later no-one, particularly not anyone at the Song Contest are any under illusion that Libya's Islamist militias are the bad guys. Not least with the current focus on the US support for those militias leading to the resumption of the African slave trade. Watching it now you find yourself hoping the NCIS team fail.

I do not know Daniela Ruah's personal political affiliations.

However working in the entertainment industry, particularly in a show set in Los Angeles she is very representative of America's Democrat supporting Hollywood liberals. Something which is not helped by the fact the actual First Lady Michelle Obama appeared in a 2016 episode of NCIS to promote the Democrat Party's Presidential election platform on US veterans.

Particularly at this year's Song Contest Barack Obama's Presidency is viewed as an unmitigated disaster. Many seem happy that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were defeated in 2016. Despite all the support from NCIS.

Also Daniela Ruah is Jewish. Her father is of Portuguese-Moroccan Jewish heritage while her mother is of Ukrainian-Russian Jewish heritage.

A massive issue at recent Song Contests was the decision by former US President Obama to back the Waffen SS to overthrow the Ukrainian state in 2013 creating Shamali Province and plunging the area into civil war. Funnily enough the Waffen SS have some robust views about Ukrainian and Russian Jews.

At the time of the 2014 Winter Olympics probably the most famous Ukrainian Jew was the actress Mila Kunis. Due to her role in; "Black Swan" based on Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky's ballet; "Swan Lake" she received a lot of attention at the games. Particularly in the figure skating.

Unlike Daniela Ruah Mila Kunis is actually Ukrainian born and Russian is her first language. English is only like her third. In November 2017 Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher tried to visit the town of her birth - Chernivtsi.

Despite being globally famous the local residents refused to let them in because they didn't want to be reminded of the time the Soviets forced them to live alongside filthy Jews.

So the conflict between Daniela Ruah's apparent support for Obama and her Ukrainian Jewish heritage would seem to put her in a tight spot at a Song Contest where those were both huge issues.

For these reasons Daniela Ruah caught the attention of quite a few participants this year.

Adopting the slogan; "All Aboard" the entire event had quite a nautical theme to it. The Netherlands focused their entry around the Soviet Naval flag which has been adopted by the ethnically Russian forces in Shamali Province's civil war. Israel even sent an actual veteran of their navy.

The biographies of many of the artists and songwriters trumpeted the fact they had studied at the Berklee College of Music based in Boston, Massachusetts. Britain went one step further boasting that their singer SuRie had also studied at the Berklee College. Only at its more prestigious New York City campus.

However there were two nations that made Daniela Ruah the central part of their entries.

Cyprus: This year they were represented by Eleni Foureira with the song; "Fuego (Fire)."

I hesitate to say that there is a main character in NCIS: Los Angeles. However then the show launched in 2010 I think the main audience draw was Chris O'Donnell who played Robin in the 1997 movie "Batman & Robin" alongside George Clooney.

In the show Chris O'Donnell's character; "G Callen" has this really complicated backstory. Raised as an orphan he has no idea of his family or heritage. He doesn't even know what the initial "G" stands for. Many of the early episodes are about him trying to uncover the secrets of his past.

One of the ways that NCIS; Los Angeles in particular tries to show the US military in a good light is by pretending that the problems which exist in wider US society such as racism don't exist in the US military. Daniela Ruah's character Kensi Blye and LL Cool J's character Sam Hanna are key to this.

Sam Hanna's backstory is that he is an ex-Navy SEAL. As such the fact he is black doesn't really come up. His family is the US Navy and the US Navy doesn't see race. Likewise Kensi Blye's father was a US Marine so the fact she is Hispanic doesn't really come up. Her family is also the colour blind US Navy.

That said Kensi Blye is of obviously Hispanic appearance. So when the team are investigating Mexican criminals she goes undercover as Mexican. When the team are investigating Colombian criminals she goes undercover as Colombian and so on.

In one episode they're trying to bluff their way into an exclusive members only club. So Kensi Byle pretends to be; "Paula" this very famous Brazilian lingerie model.

I think this stuck in my memory because I first saw it around the time of the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Brazil. A big part of those games - particularly the Para-Olympics - was Brazil making a point of reminding people that they speak Portuguese rather than Spanish. NCIS: Los Angeles seemed to be reminding their viewers of that same point.

I think what really made it stick in my memory though was just how bad Kensi Blye's fake Portuguese accent was. It was a surprise then to learn that Daniela Ruah is actually Portuguese and her Portuguese accent is beyond reproach.

Although from her name you may mistake her for Hispanic Eleni Foureira is actually Albanian. Rather like 'Paula' she is probably most famous as a model. Both on stage and on social media she likes showing off her body in skimpy costumes and lingerie.

Almost every member of the songwriting team has been very successful in Latin American pop music. Alex Papaconstantinou, Geraldo Sandell and Viktor Svensson have all written for Jennifer Lopez. In a twist Sandell who is known as Teddy Sky and wrote Jennifer Lopez's hit; "On the Floor" is Brazilian-Swedish.

The reason why the 2018 Song Contest was hosted in Portugal is that the 2017 Song Contest was won by Portugal with the song; "Amar Pelos Dois (For the Both of Us)." 

Due to their shared language with Brazil they benefited from a lot of good feeling due to a deal between the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC). That made the 2016 Para-Olympics the most widely broadcast Para-Olympics ever.

The tone of cash strapped Portugal's 2017 entry was really them adopting that shared language to go to Brazil and say; "I hope you're not expecting us to pay for the both of us!" Due to the 2016 Olympics Brazil is one of the nations which is very keen to compete in the Song Contest in future.

The fact the Eurovision community's response to this was to force Portugal to pay to host the 2018 really drives the main theme of; "How Did We All Get it So Wrong."

By playing about with the notion of whether Brazilians speak Portuguese or Spanish Cyprus was really highlighting this mistake. It seemed to be suggesting that the Eurovision crowd are so stupid they still don't realise that Brazilians don't speak Spanish.

At around 18:30 on 11/6/18 (UK date) I obviously have much to add. 

Edited at around 19:35 on 11/6/18 (UK date) to add;

The song itself is all about being consumed by this overwhelming fire. Officially it is the fiery Latin passion of music and dance.

With Eleni Foureira being Albanian it could be viewed as a reference to the Greater Albanian Movement. That is the uncontrollable fire that consumed Serbia's southern Kosovo Province in 1999. That fire continues to rage today frequently threatening to consume Macedonia.

It is interesting that Cyprus would raise this issue because Cyprus is very closely allied to Greece. Macedonia and Greece are locked in a long running dispute over Macedonia's name. Greece sees this as laying a secessionist claim to the Greek province of Macedonia which borders what is formally known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

That Cyprus and by extension Greece are prepared to overlook the dispute with Macedonia over the Greater Albania Movement gives you a clue of how much of a cause for concern the Greater Albania Movement is to its neighbours.

The raging fire could also be viewed as a reference to Cyprus' own concerns.

In August 1974 Turkey invaded and illegally occupied around 40% of Cyprus. It claimed this was done in response to a coup attempt that ended in July 1974. Turkey continues to militarily occupy northern Cyprus. The illegal occupation of a European Union (EU) member state.

In August 2016 Turkey invaded and illegally occupied an area of northern Syria designated; "Garvaghy Road." 

In January 2018 Turkey invaded and illegally occupied an area of northern Syria designated; "Afrin Canton." 

In May 2018 Turkey invaded and illegally occupied an area of northern Iraq. 

Turkey is currently in the process of invading and illegally occupying an area of north-eastern Syria designated; "The Sudetenland."

With the US, the UN and the EU so far refusing to object to Turkey's illegal invasion and occupation of parts of both Syria and Iraq you have to seriously wonder if they'll object to Turkey invading the rest of Cyprus. 

With Turkey making repeated overtures to the Greater Albanian Movement you also have to wonder if the US, UN and the EU will object to Turkey invading and occupying vast swathes of the Balkan region. Such as Greece and Bulgaria.

The video in support of Greece's entry; "Oniro Mou (My Dream)" by Yianna Terzi was heavily inspired by the mythological Battle of Athens between Athena and Poseidon. This provided the "Olive Branch" codename for Turkey's invasion of Afrin Canton.

It's pretty clear though that the moral of the story was completely lost on Turkish President/Prime Minister/Emperor Recep Tayyip Erdogan. After all the capital of Greece is Athens. Not Poeidonville.

For the sixth year in a row Turkey has declined to expose Erdogan's fragile ego to Eurovision.

The main thrust of Cyprus' entry though was to have a good laugh at Danielle Ruah and her baptism of fire at the Song Contest.

Surprisingly Cyprus finished second and came close to winning.

This surprised me not because there was anything wrong with Cyprus' entry. I just got the general impression that rather than trying to win they were aiming for a solid mid-table performance while providing some light relief at the expense of the new girl.

What helped elevate Cyprus into such a successful finish was that Eleni Foureira is a reasonably well established popstar in her own right. She had big international hits with; "Chica Bomb" in 2010 and with; "Send For Me" in 2017. The song is in that Latin style which has become very popular recently through artists like Luis Fonsi.

So with the public vote and sadly some of the jury votes Eleni Foureira's popularity along with the popularity of the style of music gave it a huge boost. Which is a shame because one of the main points of the song was to remind people that unlike Jennifer Lopez and Luis Fonsi Brazilians don't speak Spanish.

That of course contributed to the main theme of how everyone's managed to get it so wrong. It also contributed to the discussion over the expansion of the Song Contest. 

The concern is that newcomers will treat it like The Voice or The X Factor and simply vote for the song they like the best. That risks really screwing up the political and discussion elements of the contest.

20:30 on 11/6/18 (UK date).