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Operation Featherweight: Month 44, Week 3, Day 2.

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I'm not sure if this is an Olympic story, a Syria story or an America story.

However the big story of the past week has been the epic meltdown by US Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his Russia investigation team.

On Friday (16/2/18) Mueller announced that he was indicting 13 Russians based on electronic evidence of interference in the US 2016 Election.

Mueller seemed to believe that this fresh attack on Russia would result in him being mobbed by a cheering crowd. The FBI's role in the Parkland shooting would all be forgiven and forgotten.

As it happens Mueller did find himself mobbed by a crowd. However they were not cheering his name in celebration.

There are many examples of the criticism Mueller received. The main one though was the release on Monday (19/2/18) of the details of the investigation into the so-called; "Dark Web Paedophile" Matthew Falder.

This is significant because the investigation began with the FBI declaring that they had electronic evidence proving that Falder was a Russian based in Russia.

However believing he had international victims the FBI launched a joint investigation with equivalent law enforcement/espionage agencies in the UK, the EU, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

That joint investigation revealed that the FBI's electronic evidence that Falder was Russian was false. Eventually America's allies proved that Falder was British working at the University of Birmingham.

The US tech company Apple even piled in on Mueller.

Aside from Erdogan's "Sledgehammer" case one of the most famous examples of electronic evidence being falsified in a political trial is the 2017 corruption trial of former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. This has been dubbed; "Fontgate."

In short the daughter Maryam Sharif presented documents in her defence which she said proved she was not involved in corruption. The documents which were supposedly produced in 2006 used a Calibri font which Microsoft did not introduce until 2007.

Immediately following Mueller's announcement people starting noticing that Apple iPhones would crash if they received a single character from the Telugu language. A reasonably obscure language used in Pakistan's neighbour India.

Obviously if a character from Pakistan's main language of Urdu had caused iPhones to crash a lot of people would have noticed a lot sooner.

The Telugu textbomb as its become known reminded people of Fontgate. It also seemed to remind Mueller and everyone around him that a single rogue character can bring everything crashing down.

On Tuesday (20/2/18) Mueller took steps to clarify the tenability of his position.

He announced charges of falsifying evidence against Alex van der Zwaan. These relate to Mueller's case against Paul Manafort and Richard Gates. That case relates to tax evasion in Ukraine dating back to 2012.

On July 17th 2014 (17/7/14) Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot-down over Ukraine.

The US immediately said that it had electronic evidence proving that Russia had fired the missile that brought down the aircraft. They strongly implied that this was Russian revenge for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 during the 2014 Winter Olympics held in Russia.

The US used this as an excuse to impose further sanctions on Russia. Sanctions which by an amazing coincidence hampered Russia's fight against ISIL and Al Qaeda in Syria.

Flight MH17 originated in the Netherlands. As a result it fell to the Dutch to conduct the investigation. Probably a job that absolutely nobody wanted.

The Dutch took the position that they are a nation that values the truth above all else. So they commendably played the investigation straight simply laying out the facts. Nothing more, nothing less.

A feat made all the more impressive by the fact this was the first aircrash investigation in history which had to formally rule out an attack by extraterrestrial aliens.

The Dutch investigation did not explicitly accuse the US of falsifying electronic evidence against Russia. 

However it did conclude that it was impossible to show who had fired the missile. Strongly implying that they were not treating the electronic evidence produced by the US with any degree of credibility.

It went on to conclude that the main cause of the crash was the decision by Ukrainian Air Traffic Controllers (ATC's) to fly a civilian plane into a warzone. A warzone where planes were being shot down on a regular basis.

At the time Ukraine's ATC's - like the rest of the country - were under the command of the US' CIA spy agency. With then CIA Director John Brennan proudly visiting Ukraine in April 2014 the US was making no attempt to disguise this fact.

Efforts to bring criminal prosecutions in the MH17 case have stalled. As the Dutch wait for the US to hand over the CIA officers who were directing Ukraine's ATC's at the time.

The Netherlands have been engaged in their own Russian Aggression scandal of late.

On February 13th (13/2/18) Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra was forced to resign. He'd claimed he had evidence of Russian President Vladimir Putin declaring that he wanted to create a Greater Russia in Eastern Europe.

Halbe Zijlstra was found to have faked that evidence.

Today (23/2/18) the Netherlands have struck back again against Mueller. They've formally recognised the 1915 Armenian Genocide as genocide and Turkey as a perpetrator of genocide.

On Wednesday (21/2/18) Mueller again attempted to assess the tenability of his position. He announced further charges.

However he did not initially announce what those charges were. Instead he left people to speculate.

Every time Mueller has announced charges people have speculated whether they include the 1799 Logan Act. This forbids US citizens from conducting a shadow foreign policy.

The time of Muller's February 16th (16/2/18) announcement along with the February 14th (14/2/18) Parkland shooting seemed intended to sabotage US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's visit to Turkey. 

Therefore people are now asking whether Mueller himself should be prosecuted under the Logan Act for attempting to conduct a shadow US foreign policy.

Yesterday (22/2/18) Mueller confirmed the charges were some boring tax stuff against Manafort and Gates. These charges are only interesting because they relate to Ukraine.

In late 2013 early 2014 the US didn't so much meddle in Ukraine's democratic process. The US completely overthrew Ukraine's democratic process and placed the country under CIA control for more than a year.

During this period the CIA appointed Georgian President Mikhail Saahashvili s Governor of Ukraine's Odessa region. In March 2010 Saakashvili faked an entire Russian ground invasion of Georgia in order to rig an election.

So Mueller's investigation into foreign interference into the 2016 election has clear evidence of links between Obama and the US Democrat Party and Mikhail Saakashvili. A foreign man who has a proven track record of faking evidence of Russian aggression in an effort to rig elections.

The obvious question for Mueller then is whether the US Democrats under the advice of Saakashvili simply faked claims of Russian aggression to rig the US 2016 Election.

Yesterday (22/2/18) Ukraine produced further indications that Mueller's shadow foreign policy is not only in conflict with US foreign policy. It is even in conflict with the policies of the nations it supposedly relates to.

Ukraine banned Saakashvili from their country for the next three years.

At 15:25 on 23/2/18 (UK date) I'm going to have to start dinner and pick this up in about an hour.

Edited at around 16:20 on 23/2/18 (UK date) to tidy up above and add;

Mueller's apparent shadow foreign policy sabotaged Secretary Tillerson's visit to Turkey.

This certainly gave the impression that the US is unable to support the SDF in Afrin Canton or elsewhere. Needless to say that caused a degree of concern amongst the SDF.

This failure of formal US foreign policy came just a week after the US-led coalition CJTFOIR bombed Syrian troops in the Shangri-La area. This destroyed the fragile trust between the Syrians and the SDF.

So in revenge the Syrians decided to capitalise on the SDF's concerns by pressuring them to accept Syrian forces in Afrin Canton. This process began on February 20th (20/2/18) and remains subject to debate.

The arrival of Syrian troops risks a direct confrontation between regular Syrian forces and regular Turkish forces.

This will end any charade of a popular uprising in Syria and make it clear that this is a war between nation states. Not only that it risks being a war between Russia and the NATO alliance of which Turkey is nominally a member.

Even falling short of that doomsday scenario the deployment of Syrian forces is likely to result in one of two possible scenarios;

Firstly the Syrians and the SDF are not able to hold off the Turkish forces. This results in Afrin Canton falling under the control of Turkey and its proxy forces of ISIL and Al Qaeda. Not something the US and its allies can support.

Secondly Turkish forces withdraw from Afrin Canton leaving the area under the control of the Syrians rather than the SDF. Again not something the US and its allies can support.

Within the Sudetenland the Syria's of course liberated Abu al-Duhur on January 22nd (22/1/18).

From there the Syrians initially attempted to liberated the town of Saraqib. This sits around 25km (15 miles) north-west of Abu al-Duhur and around 20km (10 miles) south-east of Idlib City.

Although never officially stated the Syrians objective seemed to be to bypass Saraqib on route to the towns of al-Fuah and Kafraya. These sit around 15km (10 miles) and 20km (12 miles) north-west of Saraqib. They also sit around 10km (6miles) north-east of Idlib City.

Within the conflict in Syria the towns of al-Fuah and Kafraya are very famous.

Over the course of the war there have been numerous agreements for civilian evacuations and aid deliveries to various towns and cities. Most notably Aleppo City in December 2016.

Every time the Syrians have formed one of these agreements it has been on the condition that the towns of al-Fuah and Kafraya receive the same treatment.

Every single time the Al Qaeda forces keeping al-Fuah and Kafraya have failed to hold up their end of the agreement.

As a result there is great pressure on the Syrians to break through Al Qaeda's lines and rescue the civilians being held hostage in these towns.

The Syrians liberation of Abu Duhur of course triggered a mass collapse in Al Qaeda's lines. In wars there are worse problems to have.

However this Al Qaeda collapse did cause the Syrians one problem. Al Qaeda fled at such speed the Syrians didn't have the troops to move into all the territory they'd vacated. So ISIL were able to move in to replace Al Qaeda.

On January 28th (28/1/18) Al Qaeda and ISIL launched a joint offensive against the Syrians from Saraqib. They promised this counter-offensive would be; "Epic."

By January 30th (30/1/18) this combined Al Qaeda and ISIL offensive had collapsed. Both groups were back in full retreat with the Syrians gaining territory at the rate of around 20 villages a day.

This prompted Al Qaeda and ISIL to do what they always do in that situation. Make false allegations of chemical weapons use by the Syrians in the hope it would trigger calls for a ceasefire to protect them. Or even the US joining the war on their side as it did in April 2017.

At the time the Syrians main problem was that they were gaining territory at a faster rate than they could properly secure and control it. The notion they would resort to chemical weapons to speed up the rate they could gain territory is utterly ridiculous.

On February 5th (5/2/18) Al Qaeda used a Turkish supplied MAN Portable Air Defence (MANPAD) missile to shoot down a Russian Su-25 close to Saraqib killing the pilot. Erdogan's calculation was that this use of MANPAD's would cause Russia to suspend air operations in the area further protecting Al Qaeda and ISIL.

The opposite happened. Russia massively intensified its air operations. They also instructed Turkey to recover the Su-25 pilots body making clear that Erdogan had command and control over Al Qaeda forces in the area.

However the Syrians did shift their focus away from Saraqib. Instead they focused on clearing ISIL from the territory they had gained after Al Qaeda had fled.

The Syrians completed this task on February 9th (9/2/18) with the liberation of the villages around Abu Awjah. This forced the remaining ISIL fighters to seek shelter from Al Qaeda at Abu Dali. Al Qaeda formally granted ISIL their protection on February 13th (13/2/18).

Since then Syria's elite Tiger Forces have been redeployed from the Sudetenland to the East Ghouta suburb of Damascus - the Syrian capital. They took up positions at Dumayr Air Base on February 19th (19/2/18).

East Ghouta is currently under the occupation of Al Qaeda and the Army of Islam/Jaish al-Islam (JAI). The Army of Islam are a very extreme terrorist group which views ISIL as too moderate and has executed ISIL members for that reason.

Together Al Qaeda and the Army of Islam have formed the Army of Mohammad/Jaish al-Mohammad force.

Wherever Al Qaeda have faced Syria's Tiger Force such as in the Sudetenland they have been comprehensively defeated.

In October 2017 the combined Army of Mohammad launched an operation against Syrian forces in the Golan Heights area in the south of the country. Even without the involvement of the elite Tiger Forces the Army of Mohammad were totally defeated there offering their surrender on December 27th 2017 (27/12/17).

So it should come as no surprise then that the deployment of the Tiger Forces to East Ghouta has seen Al Qaeda and the Army of Islam massively ratchet up the Atrocity Propaganda to levels not seen since the liberation of Aleppo City in December 2016.

There hope is that a ceasefire will be called so they don't have to face the Tiger Forces.

17:35 on 23/2/18 (UK date).

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Operation Featherweight: Month 44, Week 3, Day 1.

Within Syria there are currently three critical areas in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and Al Qaeda.


This is located in north-eastern Syria. Essentially it is everything to the north-east of the Euphrates River.

It is under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF/QSD).

The largest element of the SDF coalition is the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG). They operate alongside Assyrian/Syriac Christian, Turkmen and Arab Muslim forces. The Arab element which makes up around 50% of the SDF is comprised of both elements of the long defunct Free Syrian Army (FSA) and local tribes indigenous to north-eastern Syria.

The SDF also contains a small International Brigade made up of foreign volunteers. They are supposedly supported by the US-led coalition; Combined Joint Task Force: Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTFOIR) both with air power and Special Operations Forces (SOF's).

The SDF's main task within Shangri-La is currently clearing the last few population centres on the banks of the Euphrates from ISIL. This operation is particularly focused on the town of al-Bahrah. This is located around 40km (25 miles) north-west of where the Euphrates crosses the border between Syria and Iraq.

The area to the south of the Euphrates is currently under the control of the Syrians themselves. They are supported by longstanding allies Russia and Iran.

On December 5th 2017 (5/12/17) the Syrians were able to declare the area to the south of the Euphrates to be completely liberated from ISIL.

However with ISIL continuing to maintain a presence on the north bank of the Euphrates they have been able to mount sporadic attacks on the south bank of the river.

Also the US has insisted on maintaining a base designated; "Bobby Sands" close to the town of al-Tanf. This is located around 280km (170 miles) south of the Euphrates on the border between Syria and Iraq.

The area surrounding the Bobby Sands base is completely under Syrian control. However the presence of US troops at the base means that the Syrians cannot engage ISIL fighters close to the base.

The only purpose in the US maintaining the Bobby Sands base seems to be to provide ISIL with a safe-zone. They can transit through to mount attacks both in the Euphrates area and elsewhere in Syria.

Afrin Canton:

This is a roughly 2,400kmsq (1,400 milesq) area in Syria's north-west. It is centred around the town of Afrin.

The Afrin Canton is also under the control of the SDF.

The Sudetenland:

This area sits directly south of Afrin Canton. It crosses parts of both Idlib Province and Hama Province. It is centred around the city of Idlib.

The Sudetenland is the heartland of Al Qaeda in Syria. However to disguise their links they currently prefer to be referred to as; The Organisation for the Liberation of the Levant/Hayat Tahrir a-Sham.

Within the Sudetenland AQ operate alongside a small group of ISIL fighters.

Dividing Afrin Canton and the Sudetenland you have an area known as the; "Atmeh-Salwa Access Area."

This contains 10 control points belonging to the regular Turkish military. These effectively small bases have been established in collaboration between Turkey and Al Qaeda. Their main purpose is to protect Al Qaeda in the Sudetenland from the SDF in Afrin Canton.

With the exception of a 25 day period in August 2017 Al Qaeda and ISIL forces have used the Sudetenland as a spring board to launch attacks against Syrian forces to the south.

On October 25th 2017 (25/10/17) the Syrians themselves launched an operation against Al Qaeda and ISIL in the Sudetenland.

Although it wasn't stated at the time their ultimate objective was the town of Abu al-Duhur. This is located around 55km (30 miles) south-east of Idlib City.

On January 22nd 2018 (22/1/18) the Syrians liberated Abu al-Duhur and the military air base adjacent to the town.

In the process the Syrians dealt a massive blow to particularly Al Qaeda forces within the Sudetenland.

On a single day Al Qaeda were forced to retreat from the entire al-Hass Plateau. This is a roughly 2,500 kmsq (1,500milesq) covering most of the region south of Aleppo City and east of Idlib City.

From roughly mid-December 2018 through to mid-January Turkish President/Prime Minister/Emperor Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been desperate for this Syrian operation to halt and for the Al Qaeda forces under his protection in the Sudetenland to be spared.

The main part of Erdogan's efforts to halt Syrian operations in the Sudetenland has been a threat to attack Afrin Canton.

While Erdogan has established control points to protect Al Qaeda in the Sudetenland from the SDF in Afrin Canton Russia has established its own control points. To protect the SDF from attack by Erdogan's forces.

Therefore Erdogan's threat to attack Afrin Canton was really a threat to attack Russian forces based there.

On January 19th (19/1/18) Russia called Erdogan's bluff and withdrew their forces from Afrin Canton. This left Erdogan with little choice other then to follow through on his very public threats while Syrian operations in the Sudetenland continued.

On January 21st (21/1/18) Erdogan launched his operation against Afrin Canton.

This involved members of the regular Turkish military alongside an irregular and therefore illegal element known as the United Turkmen Army (UTA). Sometimes known as the Syrian Turkmen Brigades (STB) the UTA are an offshoot of the Grey Wolves paramilitary wing of the Fascist Turkish Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

Obviously though due to the close alliance with the regular and irregular Turkish military Erdogan's operation in Afrin Canton has also included members of both Al Qaeda and ISIL.

This attack by Erdogan on the SDF in Afrin Canton has obviously hampered the SDF's ability to fight ISIL. Particularly in Shangri-La.

According to February 18th (18/2/18) figures 100 members of the SDF have been killed by Erdogan's forces.

These include two European members of the SDF's International Brigade. Jean Le Clainche aged 41 from Malestroit, France and Samuel Prada Leon aged 25 from Ourense, Spain.

The SDF have a total force of around 75,000 so the loss of 100 is not going to break them. However it almost goes without saying that those 100 will now not be able to fight ISIL.

Aside from the losses the SDF have also been forced to redeploy forces to Afrin Canton.

On February 6th (6/2/18) between 1,500 and 5,000 were redeployed from Shangri-La. On February 19th (19/2/18) more reinforcements arrived from the Shiekh Maqsood district of Aleppo City. Today (22/2/18) that the redeployment appears to have allowed that longheld SDF enclave within Aleppo City to finally fall into the hands of the Syrians.

The SDF's ability to fight ISIL has also been severely hampered by the US-led coalition CJTFOIR. Who are supposed to be supporting the SDF to defeat ISIL.

On February 8th (8/2/18) Syrian forces on the south bank of the Euphrates took potshots at SDF forces stationed on the north bank of the Euphrates. Specifically in the vicinity of the Conoco Oil & Gas Field which is just south of the Industrial Zone on the outskirts of Deir-ez-Zour City.

For bizarre US political reasons the US, Russia and Syria cannot admit that they are working together to defeat ISIL. So rather then just being able to talk to each other they have to disguise their communications in this often violent way.

The prime example of this was when the SDF launched their Cizre Storm operation in September 2017. The objective of this was to sweep down from what is known as the Madan-Shadaddi Line, across the Khobar River to Syria's border with Iraq. Thus properly establishing Shangri-La.

However having launched the operation the SDF the immediately got stuck. An element of the coalition sat in the Deir-ez-Zour City Industrial Zone for five days demanding the right to attack Syrian forces.

This prompted the Russians to give the SDF a little nudge of an airstrike. The SDF then got their act together and finally resumed the Cizre Storm operation. Reaching the Syria/Iraq border on November 25th 2017 (25/11/17).

The February 8th (8/2/18) nudge strikes were intended to remind CJTFOIR that they're supposed to protect the SDF from Erdogan's attacks in Afrin Canton.

Unfortunately the US element of CJTFOIR then completely lost its mind.

They launched between three and four hours of sustained airstrikes against a 1000 strong battalion of Syrian forces.

The US then deployed its spy networks in Russia to conduct what viewers of the 2018 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony would recognise as al "Soft Power" operation.

People at the US' National Endowment for Democracy (NED) will probably claim it was a; "Sharp Power" operation. However I should point out that in the UK the acronym "NED" has long stood for; "Non-Educated Delinquent."

US spy networks within Russia started circulating that hundreds of Russian troops had been killed in this US airstrike.

They've claimed its the largest military confrontation between Russia and the US since the Vietnam War. The most outrageous claim has come from Presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky who claimed that 300 Russian soldiers had been killed.

This is simply not true. For anywhere near that number of Russian soldiers to have been killed it would have had to be an entirely Russian battalion. The deployment of a battalion of Russian ground troops to Syria is the sort of thing that gets noticed.

The official Russian figure of 10 Russians belonging to the Wagner organisation is far more accurate.

The purpose of US spy networks within Russia circulating this false information is to influence the March 18th 2018 (18/3/18) Russian Presidential Election.

The US know they can't materially change the outcome of that election.

However they are hoping to trigger a domestic protest movement rather like the one US President Trump is facing. They hope that protest movement will force a Russian withdrawal from Syria leaving the US with sole responsibility for bringing the war to an end.

An odd objective because up until now the US has certainly shown no interest in taking responsibility for bringing the war in Syria to a successful conclusion.

At a press conference on Tuesday (20/8/18) US Presidential Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee-Sanders assured reporters that in the coming days news would break of President Trump's tough action against Russia.

This is that news breaking.

Personally I think Huckabee-Sanders would want it to remain secret. Whomever advised President Trump of this course of action. Well this is the end of their career.

The US' wholly illegal February 8th (8/2/18) strikes against Syrian forces has destroyed that fragile trust between the SDF and the Syrians.

As a result there have been near continuous subsequent clashes between the SDF and Syrian forces. Between February 8th (8/2/18) and February 15th (15/2/18) no progress was made against ISIL by either the Syrians or the SDF.

Within Afrin Canton the objectives of Erdogan's operations have been hard to pin down. On some days he says its to create a buffer-zone along the border areas. On other days its to annex Afrin Canton entirely. On some other days its to entirely annex both Afrin Canton and Shangri-La.

However it is clear that on the ground Erdogan's forces are operating on five axis. Or with the operation being codenamed; "Olive Branch" branches.

These are to the east, the north-east, the north-west, the south-west and the south.

On February 11th (11/2/18) the south and south-west axis united while avoiding the town of Jinderes. On February 15th (15/2/18) the south-west and north-west axis united while avoiding the town of Rajo. On February 20th (20/2/18) the east and north-east axis united.

If and when the north-east and north-west axis unite then the objective of establishing a buffer-zone along the border area will be complete.

On February 15th (15/2/18) The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Turkey. You would think this would be a good opportunity of pin down Erdogan's objectives.

However Secretary Tillerson's visit was completely sabotaged by events occurring within the US.

On February 14th (14/2/18) there was a mass shooting in the Parkland area of the US state of Florida. This triggered mass calls for the banning of the specific AR-15 rifle.

The "AR" in AR-15 stands for; "Armalite Rifle."

Amid Islamist terror groups the AK-47 rifle has iconic status. Amid Nationalist Liberation groups such as the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) the AR-18 rifle has similar iconic status.

This is one of those areas I go to great lengths to make difficult to understand. However you certainly don't want to be walking into a meeting with Erdogan with your own side calling for Armalites to be banned.

Immediately prior to flying to Turkey Secretary Tillerson held a press conference in Lebanon. There he was bombarded by questions about the Parkland shooting. You only need to watch video of that press conference to see that he was befuddled by the issue.

In Turkey Secretary Tillerson met with Erdogan. However in a break with protocol he relied only on a Turkish translator. American translators were banned from the meeting. Suggesting to me that Secretary Tillerson thinks that US civil servants cannot be trusted to convey his wishes on matters of policy accurately.

Almost drowned out by the Parkland shooting late on February 14th (14/2/18) the FBI announced that it had arrested two men in the Bronx area of New York City disrupting a terrorist bomb plot.

However this was not an Islamist terror plot. Nor was it a far-right terrorist plot. Instead it was driven by some very weird hatred of young children. I'd like to compare it to paedophilia because although hard to understand that is a lot easier to understand then whatever the hell these guys were on about.

The two men arrested were brothers - Tyler Toro and Christian Toro.

Within Japan "Toro" refers to a sort of administrative district often listed on addresses.

One thing we've learnt from the 2018 Winter Olympics held in the Republic of Korea (RoK/South) is that the Americans don't appear to understand that not all Asian nations are Japan.

The Opening Ceremony centred around Korean Creation Myths stemming from the Animist religions such as Taoism. It compared these to the Creation Myth of the Abrahamic religion such as Christianity.

This bizarre mix of Animist and Abrahamic religions was practised by the Japanese Aum Shinrikyo cult. They carried out the March 20th 1995 (20/3/95) Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo underground rail (Metro) system.

The message Erdogan appears to take from the arrest of these Japanese Christian brothers who thought it was time to show the children pain is that the US have given him permission to use Sarin against the SDF.

On February 17th (17/2/18) Erdogan's forces decided to explore this topic further. By using Chlorine gas to attack the SDF.

On February 16th (16/2/18) US Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller announced he was indicting 13 Russians over claims of interference in the 2016 US Presidential Election. This was based entirely on electronic evidence.

The obvious question to ask is whether this electronic evidence has been faked. After there is a long track record of people faking electronic evidence in political trials.

Probably the most famous example of this was the Turkish; "Sledgehammer" case. This case centred around Erdogan's attempts to jail his opponents.

However it emerged that the key piece of electronic evidence in this 2003 plot had been created on MS Office 2007. Eventually all the electronic evidence was found to be fake and the case was dismissed.

Obviously this is not something you want your own side screaming about when you're heading into a key meeting with Erdogan. Using fake electronic evidence against political opponents is very much Erdogan's signature move.

As such it seems very clear that there is a faction within the US Intelligence Community that is operating a shadow foreign policy in conflict with the US official foreign policy. 

That is a clear criminal violation of the 1799 Logan Act.

At 18:15 on 22/2/18 (UK date) I'll try and pick this up after dinner. 

Edited at around 19:40 on 22/2/18 (UK date) to add;

The big story of the week has been the just epic meltdown by Robert Mueller and his team.

That is obviously going to take me a while to explain in detail. Particularly in the context of Syria. So I will finish this tomorrow.

However Mueller's announcement that he's indicted 13 Russians has been a lot like Thomas Bach's speech opening the Winter Olympics.

He's come out and loudly shouted; "Hooray! I've finally going to stick it to the evil Russians. Whose with me."

The response has been a stony silence. Punctuated by the occasional extremely loud boo!

Of course the US news haven't been covering any of that. 

19:45 on 22/2/18 (UK date). 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

It's Been a Rough Week For Some.

On February 9th (9/2/18) the 2018 Winter Olympics formally opened in Pyeongchang in the Republic of Korea (RoK/South). It began with the traditional Opening Ceremony.

Since its inception the purpose of the Olympics has been to gather nations together in one place to discuss the big issues of the day. The sport is merely an excuse.

When the Olympics began in the late 19th Century it would take you the best part of a week to travel between the two Olympic founding nations of Britain and France. These days that journey will take you around two hours.

The Olympics really came into their own during the Cold War. This saw the World divided by an Iron Curtain between the Communist East and the Capitalist West. The Olympics was the only time that people from these two different worlds would meet.

That Cold War legacy is really being seen at this years games. They are being held on the Korean Peninsula where the Cold War is still very much ongoing. So you see things like the first ever handshake between a South Korean President and a member of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK/North) Mount Paektu Bloodline.

As a result one of the core Olympic Events has always been Espionage and Spying. Even if the participants don't hold medal ceremonies. Well not in public at least.

These games have been particularly rough on members of the US Intelligence Community. Particularly the section of that community that continues to insist that Russia attempted to rig the 2016 US Election.

This is the same section of that community which overthrew Ukraine's government during the 2014 Winter Games. Then tried blaming Russia.

So far those Americans have been forced to sit through the Opening Ceremony. That featured the games being formally opened by South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

It is impossible for President Moon Jae-in to appear without reminding people of the RoK's 2012 Presidential Election.

There outgoing President Lee Myung-bak wanted to hand power to his designated successor Park Guen-hye. The daughter of South Korean dictator Park Chung-hee.

So Lee Myung-bak invented claims of attempts by a foreign power - the DPRK - to influence the election.

This allowed South Korea's equivalent of the FBI - the National Intelligence Service (NIS) -  to set up a special unit to guard against this "foreign interference." Primarily this involved monitoring social media to remove posts supportive of then Candidate Moon Jae-in and posts critical of then Candidate Park Guen-hye.

These claims of foreign interference were intentional lies. This NIS falsified evidence to justify an operation to rig the election to ensure Park Guen-hye won.

The mere presence of President Moon Jae-in reminds everyone that Park Guen-hye was removed from office in 2016 and now resides in prison.

Much of the Opening Ceremony then focused on the US Democrat Party under then US President Barack Obama's conduct in preparation for the 2014 mid-term elections.

This involved them telling an intentional lie. That an innocent young black man named Micheal Brown being murdered by the racist police. While having his hands up in surrender and begging; "Don't Shoot!"

Under Obama the Democrats then tasked the FBI and the US Justice Department with spreading and reinforcing this intentional lie.

The Opening Ceremony of course included the traditional lighting of the Olympic Cauldron. This particular Cauldron closely resembles one of the; "Martian War Machines" from the 1895 H.G Wells novel; "The War of the Worlds."

The October 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds" continues to be recognised as the most famous example of "Fake News" in US broadcasting history.

However even the 2018 medal table appears to be disputing this. America's position seems to represent where Orson Welles' The War of the Worlds broadcast now stands in the list of US Fake News Hoaxes.

At the time of writing it appears to be languishing in 5th place.

That section of the US intelligence community does now at least seem aware of its problems.

Take for example US skier Lindsey Vonn.

In November 2016 she suffered a serious injury putting her participation in the 2018 games in serious doubt. By December 2017 it was confirmed that should would be fit to compete.

In announcing her participation Lindsey Vonn went on a bit of a rant. Saying that she would represent America and the games but not its President Trump whom she deems to be illegitimate. She certainly won't be visiting him at the White House if she wins.

In her race on Saturday (17/2/18) it did seem that Lindsey Vonn was going to be able to win. Then she made a last minute mistake.

She ended up finishing sixth. As Orson Welles continues to tumble down the league table.

However warning signs were beginning to emerge from that section of the US intelligence community as far back as Tuesday (13/2/18).

A flight from San Francisco, California to Honolulu, Hawaii was forced to make an emergency landing. It had lost its engine cover.

Along with Washington State's Attorney General Judges in San Francisco and Hawaii represent something of a Democrat triad or troika against President Trump.

They have spent a year trying to prevent him carrying out the lawful duties of a President through a series of vexatious lawsuits particularly on the issue of immigration. Something which in democracies is normally referred to as; "Treason."

With the cover or "mask" being torn away all the talk of this flight was about how people were having a really rough ride.

Things then got worse for this section of the US intelligence community.

The Olympic Opening Ceremony came under what appeared to be a Cyberattack.

One of the private companies that analysed this; "Olympic Destroyer" malware was; "Crowdstrike." Employees of the US Democrat Party they remain the only source for claims of Russian hacking targeting the US 2016 election.

Crowdstrike concluded that Olympic Destroyer was the work of Russian hackers. It was intended as retaliation for Russian being banned from the games.

This came as news to the South Korean programmers who created Olympic Destroyer as a piece of performance art. While they are proud of their skills as hackers they are absolutely certain that they are not Russian.

This really couldn't have come at a worse time for that section of the US intelligence community. Friday (16/2/18) saw the start of another Cold War relic - the Munich Security Conference.

This was first held at the height of the Cold War in 1963 - the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Held right by the border between West and East Germany its purpose is to provide a forum for intelligence agencies from the old Cold War West to develop strategies to guard against the old Cold War East.

It is a forum where no anti-Russian conspiracy theory can ever be deemed too ridiculous. However with their claims about Russian hacking the US seems intent on being the first.

On the morning of February 14th (14/2/18) there was an attack on the headquarters of US' Cybersecurity agency. The National Security Agency (NSA) based at Fort Mead, Maryland.

A person drove a black SUV to the gates. However they were stopped when FBI guards opened fire on the vehicle.

This was very clearly the FBI stepping up to defend the NSA from attack. They were using firearms to do so.

Much later on February 14th (14/2/18) there was a shooting at a school in the Parkland area of Florida. This resulted in 17 deaths.

If this was the FBI stepping up to use firearms to defend the NSA they really screwed up.

The gunman attacked his own school. So everyone instantly knew who he was and what he was like. They also knew how many times they'd reported him to the FBI over fears he would do just this.

So far the FBI's explanation is that they simply to forgot to pass the information from their Washington D.C to the local Florida field office. They forgot on multiple occasions.

What I suspect actually happened is that these warnings were instead passed to the FBI's National Security Division. This is the division that mis-handled the Hillary Clinton espionage case. It is the same division which is handling the Russian investigation.

Being much more involved in the dark arts of espionage the FBI's National Security Division then decided not to intervene to stop the gunman. Instead they decided to groom him to carry out an attack if they ever needed to distract the American public.

If you've been following the Barry Bennell case in the UK or the Oxfam scandal also in the UK you would know these Olympics have seen a lot of apologies for grooming.

The Parkland shooting occurred in a very Jewish area of Florida.

You can see evidence of this in particularly CNN's coverage. They have taken to listing the names of the dead followed by the words; "We will remember them."

That's because these CNN journalists have found themselves surrounded by people reciting the Jewish prayer of the dead. It ends with the words; "May their memory be a blessing."

Particularly the final sequence of the Opening Ceremony heavily reference the US rap group; "Wu Tang Clan." Specifically their support for the Black Supremacist ideology of the Nation of Islam (NoI).

The NoI believe that the human race is an alien race. It first arrived on Earth as a black master race.

However an evil Jew named Yacob has slowly been turning members of this black master race into members of the inferior white race. It almost goes without saying that they really hate Jews.

Despite being a Black Supremacist group the NoI also believe that 85% of the black race are nothing more then niggers have no purpose and deserved to be kept as slaves.

These are the views of Co-chair of the US Democrat Party Keith Ellison.

The way that Keith Ellison rose to the top of the Democrat Party itself casts very serious doubts on the claims of Russian hacking.

The Chair of the Democrat Party used to be a Jewish woman named Debbie Wassermann-Schultz. However these emails that had been 'stolen' by 'Russian hackers' revealed embarrassing details about Wassermann-Schultz. This allowed Ellison's faction to stage something of a palace coup ousting her.

It couldn't have worked better for Ellison's faction if they'd simply sent the emails to Wikileaks themselves.

Talk about the FBI's involvement in the Parkland shooting began on social media almost immediately. On Friday (16/2/18) they were forced to formally admit that they had prior knowledge of the shooter and at the very least had failed to act.

Literally a minute after that admission was forced from the FBI a huge press conference was called. Head of the Russia investigation Robert Mueller was issuing indictments to 13 Russians over accusations of interference in the 2016 Election.

In the coverage of this announcement much has been made of the fact that these were Grand Jury indictment. The hope seeming to be that people will mistake a Grand Jury for a trial jury.

The big difference with a Grand Jury is that there is no defence. So there is no-one to ask questions like;

"How do we know you've not faked these intercepted communications. Like you faked the Steele dossier to illegally obtain a FISA (surveillance) warrant?"

Also there is no Judge at a Grand Jury hearing. There is no-one to stop the prosecutor just relentlessly hounding the jurors.

The prosecutor has huge sway over the jurors being able to impose the criminal offence of contempt if he does not like their conduct.

Violations can include failing to attend due to a family emergency. Discussing the case with someone outside of proceedings, such as explaining to a boss why you've missed so much work. Or even discussing the case with other members of the jury outside of the Court.

Due to the burdens they place on jurors Grand Jury proceedings are intended to be short. The Micheal Brown Grand Jury was actually quite long meeting for three months.

Mueller's Grand Jury has been empanelled since June 2017. At some point it's going to resemble a hostage situation.

Crucially Mueller has only sought indictments against foreign nationals.

It is an unwritten rule of diplomacy that foreign nationals are not handed over to face trial in cases such as these.

In May 2017 members of the security team for Turkish President/Prime Minister/Emperor Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacked protesters in Washington D.C. They were indicted in August 2017 but only after everyone had done the expected diplomatic dance of allowing them to leave the country.

So in this case Mueller has got to feel confident he can make any allegation he likes, no matter how ludicrous. There is no chance of his claims being tested to any sort of evidentary standard.

While Mueller was making his announcement there was a little something going on in very pro-Marijuana Washington State. An apparent school shooting at the "Highline Community College." This claim was later found to be false.

That appear to be another section of the US intelligence community affecting a stage whisper behind Mueller's announcement going;

"How high do you have to be to believe this?! There is NO EVIDENCE. It's another FALSE ALARM!"

The real, chilling purpose behind Mueller's announcement was quite clear though.

I've spent the last week covering the Olympic Opening ceremony. The sheer volume of Tweets I put out led to Twitter's AI bots classing me as an AI bot and suspending parts of my account.

Just on Thursday (15/2/18) I received the equivalent of a certificate from Twitter. I am in fact human and living in the UK.

In the space of about six hours on Friday (16/2/18) I was reported to Twitter seven times for being a Russian AI bot.

Mueller's announcements seems to have convinced Americans of certain political persuasion that anyone questioning the FBI's narrative of the Parkland Shooting must be a Russian AI bot.

18:30 on 18/2/18 (UK date).

Saturday, 17 February 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics: Opening Ceremony Pt.7.

A continuation of Part 6;

Twitchy Eye, Psychotic Face Emoji:

A central theme of the Opening Ceremony has been the Wu Xing.

Particularly in Korean Taoism this is said to contain the five essential elements though which everything in the human dimension exists. The five elements are each assigned a colour.

This sequence deals with the element Fire represented by the colour Red.

So this sequence sees; "Reds! Reds" Everywhere Reds!"

Much like since the 2014 Winter Olympics Americans have been running around screaming; "Russians! Russians! Everywhere Russians!"

While maintaining that intense, yet vacant  fixed stare that mental health professionals the world over recognise as a symptom of a psychotic episode.

In 2014 the US President Barack Obama wanted to lead his Democrat Party to victory in the November mid-term elections.

So in August 2014 Obama invented this story of an innocent young black man named Micheal Brown being murdered by the racist police. While having his hands up in surrender and begging; "Don't Shoot!"

Obama then tasked the FBI and the Department of Justice with perpetuating that lie.

This birthed the "Black Lives Matter (BLM)" movement. That drove extremely well regimented riots and protests alongside a campaign to erase the Democrat's racist role in the US Civil War from history.

It has also turned public discourse in America into a contest to see who can come up with the most elaborate way of identifying racism where no racism exists and being offended by it.

Curiously there is one area where Obama's BLM warriors have been unable to see any racism. Let alone be offended.

That is the practice of US universities or other academies of higher learning denying places to hard working, highly qualified Asian students. So those places can be given to lazy, poorly qualified black students.

One of the greatest thought crimes that Obama's BLM warriors created was that of; "Cultural Appropriation."

In more normal societies this is known as the doctrine of multiculturalism. However America now sees no greater crime then a white person doing something they claim is part of black culture.

Curiously though Obama's warriors don't seem offended by black rap performers appropriating aspects of Asian culture.

By far the worst offender here is the; "Wu Tang Clan" and in particular their founding member; "RZA."

Their name itself is a bastardisation of; "Wudang Quan" a form of Chinese martial arts named after the Wudang Mountains.

The group's debut album was; "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)".

This takes the martial arts practice inspired by Animist religion of a quest for balance in body, mind and within the Wu Xing. It applies them to the; "5% Nation" ideology which itself is an off-shoot from the extremely nasty, black supremacist Nation of Islam (NoI).

Appropriating their name from the Abrahamic religion of Islam the NoI believe that the human race is an alien race.

By it's nature it is a black master race. However an evil Jew named Yacob started turning members of this black master race into members of an inferior white race.

The NoI believe that within the black master race 85% are born to be slaves. It is their role in life to be manipulated by a 10% known as the; "Slave Makers." At the top you have the 5% "Righteous Teachers."

The 36 Chambers mentioned in the Wu Tang Clan's debut album represent the metaphysical journey black men must undertake to move from Slave to Righteous Teacher.

In short the Wu Tang Clan smoked a lot of Marijuana and Crack Cocaine while watching Kung Fu movies like the ones Jackie Chan is famous for. Particularly the 1983 movie; "Shaolin and Wu Tang."

RZA has taken it even further making the 2012 Kung Fu movie; "The Man with the Iron Fists." I cannot convey how sad it makes me to see that movie listed on TV guides. Reminding me that it exists.

This sequence featured the Korean dance troupe; "Just Jerk."

They featured their style of what is known as; "Jerk Dancing" on the 2017 season of; "America's Got Talent."

Jerk is a style of dance invented in the 1960's which went on to inspire Breakdancing - traditionally considered an aspect of black American culture.

I'm not familiar with Just Jerk's story. However I suspect they have been accused of; "Cultural Appropriation." Most people have been these days.

Initially the dancers appeared in red silk costumes.

I suppose these could resemble the Tangzhuang or; "Tang Suit" which refers to any form of Chinese dress similar in style to clothing worn during the Tang period. It of course was the Tang Dynasty which helped to unify the Three Kingdoms of Korea.

However I'm happy to refer to these costumes as; "Ridiculous Kung Fu Pantomime Pyjamas" without fear of offending anyone who knows anything about eastern martial arts. They owe more to a Jackie Chan movie then to anything actually to do with eastern culture.

The red suited dancers were replaced by other dancers wearing a more complex costume.

This was made of blue silk and a sort of body armour breastplate. On their heads the dancers were wearing multiple masks. So the dancers had their actual face, the mask face on the top of their head and the mask face on the back of their heads.

These represented something that actually does exist in Korean mythological culture; The Dokkaebi.

The Dokkaebi are mischievous spirits that live in the forest. They spend their lives playing pranks and practical jokes on humans.

One of the Dokkaebi's favourite games is to block a person's path and challenge them to a wrestling match to win the right to pass.

Apparently Dokkaebi only have one leg to stand on. The trick is to kick it out from under them leaving them with nothing to stand on.

In 2016 former US President Obama again faced the task of leading his Democrat Party to victory in the November Elections.

He wanted to hand the Presidency to his designated successor Hillary Clinton. He also wanted to hand the Democrat Party control over both houses of the US Congress - the legislative body.

In June 2016 the Democrat Party declared that their computer systems had been hacked by Russians.

This apparent threat of Russian interference allowed Obama to task the FBI and the Justice Department to take action against it. This included allowing them to spy on the opposition Republican campaign.

It also involved the FBI setting up a special unit answering directly to Obama. This FBI unit was tasked with monitoring social media and removing any messages in support of the Republicans or critical of the Democrats that it deemed to be; "Foreign."

This brought back many memories for South Koreans.

At their 2012 Presidential election the incumbent Lee Myung-bak wanted to hand power to his designated successor Park Guen-hye. So he decided that there was a threat of North Korean interference in the election.

This allowed the RoK's equivalent of the FBI - the National Intelligence Service (NIS) - to set up a special unit.

That unit was tasked with monitoring social media and removing any messages critical of Park Guen-hye or supportive of her opponent Moon Jae-in by declaring them to be; "Foreign."

Park Guen-hye has since been removed from office.

This comes after it was revealed that the NIS social media unit was not there to protect against foreign interference. It was set up with the sole purpose of rigging the election in favour of Park Guen-hye.

The claims for foreign interferences were intentional lies intended to allow the NIS to do this.

The US Democrat Party of course suffered a catastrophe at the 2016 Election. Not only did they lose the Presidency to Donald Trump they also lost control of both house of Congress.

Since then the Democrats Party have dedicated themselves to causing all sorts of mischief in the name of; "The Resistance."

In January 2017 US President Trump introduced a temporary ban on migrants from six warzones and Iran.

The Democrat Attorney General for Washington State issued a legal challenge to this. With the help of some Democrat Judges in San Francisco, California and Hawaii he was able to obtain an injunction.

In December 2017 the matter went before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). The Washington Attorney General's application was found to be without merit and the rulings of the Democrat Judges in San Francisco and Hawaii were overturned as unlawful.

In May 2017 Democrats insisted that a Special Prosecutor named Robert Mueller be appointed to investigate their continued claims of Russian hacking. That investigation is ongoing.

Over the summer of 2017 the DPRK carried out a series of nuclear weapons and missile tests.

This sent the US media which had supported Hillary Clinton into a frenzy of excitement. They seemed overjoyed at the prospect of a looming nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula and saw it as their mission to start one.

At the same time they were accusing President Trump of being the mentally unstable lunatic who would start a nuclear war.

The few remaining Democrats even tried to strip the President, as Commander-in-Chief of the US military, of his ability to launch nuclear weapons.

It seems that US Democrats would prefer nuclear apocalypse to admitting that in fact Obama was pretty bad at his job.

That opinion of course is not shared by people living on the Korean Peninsula.

As recently as January 2018 the Democrat Party and the US media were hyperventilating over a book called; "Fire and Fury" by Michael Wolff. This is supposedly a behind-the-scenes expose of life in the Trump White House.

It made all sorts of wild and salacious claims. Such as that President Trump goes to bed at 6pm and lies there watching TV and eating Cheeseburgers. The main claim though is that apparently everyone who meets President Trump thinks that he's mentally ill.

To give you an idea of how ridiculous it was someone satirised it by faking an exert which claimed President Trump was angered that the White House TV's didn't have the; "Gorilla Channel."

Such was Trump's anger White House staff were forced to create a channel with 24hr footage of Gorillas fighting each other.

The people who believed the books claims also believed that claim.

In mid-January President Trump took the annual President's physical health examination. It revealed a man who certainly doesn't lie in bed all day eating Cheeseburgers. It also included a Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) which President Trump passed with flying colours.

The Democrats conclusion was not that the trashy, supermarket tabloid novel was wrong. It was that the empirical data was wrong.

The conduct of the mischief makers has been such that it has finally drawn some criticism within the US.

On January 13th 2018 (13/1/18) the US State of Hawaii raised a false alarm that it was under attack from an incoming DPRK missile. Just like Hawaii has become prone to raising false alarms over immigration controls.

What I suspect happened in Hawaii is that an employee selected an option from a computer menu. However the computer then decided to load a completely different option. It may just be my computer but I'm familiar with that sort of thing happening.

However the Hawaii false alarm is now officially and formally being blamed on a mentally unstable government employee.

At 18:05 on 17/2/18 (UK date) I'll pick this up later.

Edited at around 20:15 on 17/2/18 (UK date) to tidy up a bit and add;

As I may have mentioned the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Para-Olympic Summer Games held in London, UK saw me married off to the popstar Rihanna.

This was because in 2010 Rihanna long with Jay Z and Kanye West released a song called; "Run This Town." The video in support of the song featured lots of people in masks and hoods brandishing flaming torches. A sort of classic representation of rioting or urban disorder.

In August 2011 Britain arranged for a truly innocent black man named Mark Duggan to be shot and killed by police in the Tottenham area of London.

The idea was to trigger a small rioting to promote that aspect of security concerns for the upcoming Olympics to be held in August 2012. It was timed to coincide with the technically Civil Partnership ceremony between my lesbian mothers. At the time they were almost literally living in the shadow of the Olympic Park.

The problem is that the British intelligence services very badly misread the level of public anger at the time. What was planned as a small riot in a corner of London over one night turned into a week of rioting across not only all of London but also large parts of the UK.

The British state did not fall that week. However it certainly wobbled on its foundations.

The UK Labour Party decided to exploit those riots for its own ends. This was particularly true in the London borough of Croydon.

There an organised crime network very closely linked to the Labour Party went on an orgy of arson attacks. This involved the wiping out of just entire city blocks in fires which burned for days

The objective was to destroy a large number of privately owned, low-rise buildings. That would force the owners to sell up in literally a fire sale to a housing association closely linked to the UK Labour Party through the organised crime network.

The housing association would then build lots of high-rise rented apartment buildings. These would then be stuffed with people who would vote Labour out of fear of being evicted while providing a steady stream of rental income.

With talk of a big shopping mall being built in Croydon the calculation was that local rents would rise dramatically.

In the midst of the chaos the BBC News did a phone interview with some drunk 14 year old girl who'd been participating in the rioting in Croydon. This drunken 8AM interview was basically just this girl singing the lyrics to "Run This Town" to the stunned news anchor.

So I was married off to Rihanna. Chaos ensued.

The highlight of the ceremony was Rihanna and Jay Z performing Run This Town while the arena was filled with performers waving flaming torches about.

The UK Labour Party were not punished for their arson attacks during the August 2011 riots.

So in June 2017 they felt free to launch another arson attack. This time against the Grenfell Tower apartment building in London.

The ultimate objective being to bring down the UK government that had just been democratically elected weeks earlier. In the process the UK Labour Party murdered 70 people and unlawfully destroyed a foetus.

Through the appearances of Black Turtle and Red Architect South Korea - as home to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) - have made it very clear what they think about the UK Labour Party's arson attack on Grenfell Tower.

This sequence very much borrowed from the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Para-Olympic games. As the Dokkaebi were making their way around the arena they were carrying flaming torches and surrounded relentless fireworks.

In the mythology the Dokkaebi actually appear in a flash of blue flame. Rather like the blue of the US Democrat Party.

However these mischief makers appeared amid the red flames of anger.

This fire seemed to cascade down into the arena from the freshly lit Olympic Cauldron. That Cauldron was designed to resemble a Martian War Machine from the 1895 H.G Wells novel; "The War of the Worlds."

Aside from the story itself The War of the Worlds provides one of the most famous examples of; "Fake News."

On October 30th 1938 (30/10/38) Orson Welles directed an adaptation of The War of the Worlds for what at the time was the US CBS radio network. The first two thirds of this program took the form of fake news reports describing the alien invasion.

Although it was listed and promoted as an entertainment program many mistook these fake news reports as real and went into a hysterical panic. The jokes about CNN really write themselves at this point.

Orson Welles' adaptation of The War of the Worlds is probably the most famous example. However there are other more recent and more pernicious examples. Most famously from Georgia.

During the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China the nation of Georgia started a short and remarkably ill-advised war against their neighbour Russia.

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili's thinking was that if he attacked Russia it would give NATO an excuse to join his war and finally and totally defeat Russia. Boy did he get that wrong.

This war was discussed a lot during particularly during the 2014 Winter Para-Olympics. Not least because when Obama appointed Saakashvili as Mayor of the Ukrainian city of Odessa we knew that a just utter insanity was gripping America.

Plus there is a movie about the war called; "Five Days of War." It stars the actor Rupert Friend who is married to Aimee Mullins - a major US Para-Olympian.

A low budget movie Five Days of War only really works as a talking point about propaganda. I frequently, mistakenly refer to it as; "Eight Days of War." That's because the 2008 war went on for eight days.

However the movie only focuses on the last five days of the war. That's because if they included the first three days where Georgia attacked Russia it wouldn't work as a piece of anti-Russian propaganda.

On the evening of March 13th 2010 (13/3/10) the Georgian station Imedi TV broadcaster ran their usual News/Current Affairs show; "Special Report." This edition featured breaking news of a developing crisis in the city of Tbilisi.

Anti-corruption protesters had gathered to protest against Saakashvili only for armed men to open fire on them. This has led to pro-Russian oppositions leaders to call on Russia to help oust Saakashvili freeing the nation from tyranny. Over the course of the broadcast one of those opposition leaders was killed in an ambush.

This triggered a fullscale Russian invasion of Georgia. Imedi TV covered this live complete with footage of Russian tanks and troops and gun battles in Georgian streets.

The thing is it was all entirely fake.

However because it was presented as a regular news program on a regular news channel with regular journalists people believed it.

Panic ensued Georgian National Guard units mobilised and I think like six people were killed by Georgian troops firing at shadows in the dark.

In the aftermath Imedi TV declared that it was just a prank. They were doing their own version of The War of the Worlds broadcast.

However quite a few people pointed out that Imedi TV supported Saakashvili.

Portraying Saakashvili as a victim of a Russian conspiracy is the sort of thing that would help him in the May 30th 2010 (30/5/10) election.

So you'll excuse me if I don't believe the Russians are attacking.

Just because the man on the TV says the Russians are attacking.

It is something of a tradition that Olympic ceremonies end with a big, climactic fireworks display. However the last 20 minutes of this ceremony had been one massive fireworks display. So that option wasn't really open to them.

So instead the five children represented the Wu Xing re-appeared waving us goodbye.

The ceremony then faded out as the fireworks shifted to show us the colours of the Wu Xing.

22:10 on 17/2/18 (UK date).

Friday, 16 February 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics: Opening Ceremony Pt.6

A continuation of Part 5;

Flag & Anthem:

It is a matter of Olympic protocol that every ceremony must feature the raising or lowering of the Olympic flag and the singing of the Olympic anthem. Although I don't think its strictly speaking protocol this often involves a large flag being brought into a paraded around the arena by figures of significance.

As with the parading and raising of their national flag the RoK opted to use six of its famous Olympians as flagbearer. Again their significance only seems to be their significance as Olympians.

As the flag was being raised, again by the South Korean Royal Guard, the Olympic anthem was performed by Hwang Su-mi. A well respected South Korean Opera singer whose career has included stints in Germany, Belgium and the US.

I think we are all familiar with TV talent shows such as "American Idol", "X Factor" and "The Voice." Afghanistan even has its own; "Afghan Idol."

Wherever you are in the World these shows always feature the same thing. Some battered hag will appear on stage wailing like a strangled cat.

The presenters will then lean forward in their chairs and say; "Your voice! It's amazing, it's the best I've ever heard."

It is in these moments I wish to throw opera singers at the TV.

For some reason the phrase; "Battered hag wailing like a strangled cat" makes me think of the US popstar Kesha or "Ke$ha."

In 2013 Kesha decided that the record contract she was miraculously in possession of wasn't making her enough money.

So Kesha attempted to get out of the it by suing her producer Dr Luke for breach of contract on the grounds of emotional distress and sexual abuse. At one point Kesha even likened being in a record contract that was only making her a few million dollars to be worse then the whole African slave trade.

In 2016 the time came for Kesha's sexual assault claims against Dr Luke to be tested in Court. However rather then opening herself up to criminal conviction of perjury by lying in Court Kesha withdrew her false allegations.

In 2017 the entire case was dismissed and Kesha has gone back to recording with Dr Luke.

Along with Amber Heard who made false claims of domestic abuse in her divorce battle with Johnny Depp Kesha is the nasty piece of work who makes sure that when women like Rose McGowan do come forward everyone assumes they're lying.

So I am more then done with Kesha.

The 2018 Grammys were apparently not though.

This of course the award ceremony where everyone wore Hunger Games dictatorship White Roses in support of the "Times Up" campaign against cruel sexual abuser US President Trump. They were addressed on a Hunger Games style; "Mandatory Viewing" bigscreen by leader of the Times Up resistance movement Hillary Clinton.

Their complete lack of self-awareness however did not end there;

The highlight was Kesha - now going by her full name Kesha Rose Sebert - performing her new song; "Praying." This is supposedly her anthem for women's rights against cruel sexual abusers like US President Trump and Dr Luke.

She was accompanied by a host of other female singers such as Cyndi Lauper, Camilla Cabello, Andra Day, Julia Michaels, Bebe Rexha and an all female choir calling themselves; "The Resistance Revival Chorus."

As with Hwang Su-mi they were all dresses in white. The white of the Snow dictatorship in the Hunger Games.

This performance was a polite way of saying;

"Kesha really cannot sing. The voice you hear on her records is almost entirely computer generated. However if when she performs live we surround her with lots of other voices there is a chance you might not notice that Kesha really cannot sing.

The less polite way of saying it would be;

"The only useful thing Kesha is ever going to do with her throat is going to be done in a Japanese brothel."

Cauldron Lighting:

It is protocol that each Opening Ceremony features a sequence where the Olympic Cauldron is lit. Using the Olympic Flame that has been lit in Greece - for no apparent reason - and carried to the Olympic stadium in a relay.

This tradition was started by Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Berlin, Germany. The IOC seems to like a lot of Hitler's ideas and insists on hanging on to them.

The sequence began with a video showing the journey the flame had taken to the Olympic Stadium.

If I'm being totally honest it was as this point I started to spin out a bit. I realised I was already 14 hours behind and really had to get something up on the Internet despite it being around 2AM. And trust me it had been a long 14 hours.

However eventually the Olympic flame was passed to Kim Yeon-ah (Yuna Kim).

She is probably the most accomplished South Korean Winter Olympian ever. In the discipline of Figure Skating she is the first South Korean woman to win an Olympic medal. She is also the first woman to win the Olympics, the World Championships, the Four Continents Championships and the Grand Prix.

To many she is known simply as; "Queen Yuna."

Being so good at Figure Skating Kim Yeon-ah was actually Figure Skating whilst lighting the Olympic Cauldron.

This not only reminded people of her achievements it hinted to viewers who have enjoyed the Opening Ceremony that they really want to watch the Figure Skating events.

Based entirely around sports the Olympics can be a bit dull for those of use of a more cultured, less Jock-ish persuasion.

This is particularly true of the Summer Olympics where the main attraction is a man just running 100 metre/yards in a straight line. He's not even being asked to balance an egg on a spoon while doing it.

Figure Skating however is the almost perfect combination of artistic intelligence and physical perfection.

Skaters are asked to choose a song they wish to interpret for their routine. Sometimes the song is set for them.

So far this year I've not actually been able to watch much of the sport. I've been writing this out.

However examples of the song's we've had this year include;

"Help" by the Beatles.

On the day of the Opening Ceremony the US New York Times (NYT) newspaper leaked the information that two of the four ISIL executioners known as; "The Beatles" had been captured in Syria. The NYT had leaked this information to help the ISIL Beatles escape punishment.

"Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley.

In the week prior to the games a Syrian Muslim immigrant Mennel Ibtissem appeared on the French version of "The Voice" singing this song in a mixture of English and Arabic.

The song obviously has some Christian overtones. So appearing to replace the Christian English with the Muslim Arabic is a strong statement to make.

The song though is really about sex with the; "Hallelujah!" being the moment of orgasm. It's features the lyric; "I've seen your flag on the marble arch." 

In November 2015 130 people were murdered by ISIL during what have become known as the; "Paris Massacres." This has been described as ISIL trying to fly their flag on Paris' Marble Arch of Triumph.

So Mennel Ibtissem's reaction to the Paris Massacres appears to be an orgasmic cry of joy.

Needless to say some Tweets then emerged in which Mennel Ibtissem claimed the July 2016 Nice Attacks were an anti-Muslim conspiracy perpetrated by the French government.

It was at that point Mennel Ibtissem decided to leave the show with mutual consent.

Figure Skaters have to interpret these songs and all their hidden meanings. Backwards, on ice. While balancing on razor sharp millimetre thin blades that could easily slit your throat if you slip up.

They are judged not by something as tedious as the mere passage of time but by a panel of judges who give them scores out of ten.

As for the Olympic Cauldron itself it very closely resembles an actual cauldron or cooking pot. It is very wide around its centre by narrow around its top.

This was in reference to the Olympic Cauldron used during the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The smallest Olympic Cauldron ever used this was surrounded by a sculpture represented the energy of the sun. It was intended as a discussion point about the battle against Climate Change.

In a more economically developed nation like the UK battling Climate Change involves things like attaching insulation cladding to buildings like London's Grenfell Tower.

In less economically developed nations it can be something as simple as replacing open fires with wood burning cookstoves that use less fuel and therefore create fewer emissions.

Whatever the method used to combat climate change it is the job of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) headquartered in the RoK to find a way to pay for it.

Although environmentalists are big fans of recycling the South Koreans obviously couldn't just use Brazil's Olympic Cauldron. So theirs was larger and mounted on large stilts.

This was a reference to the "Martian Fighting Machines" from the 1897 novel; "The War of the Worlds" by H.G Wells. He is credited with writing the first time travel novel in the form of 1895's "The Time Machine."

Officially based around the theme of; "Time" this ceremony has dealt with Existential and Taoist concepts of Time And Relative Dimensions In Space (TARDIS). One of the few TV programs the DPRK imports is the BBC's "Doctor Who."

Technically Queen Yuna did not light the Cauldron. She lit the tip of this massive pole that slowly expanded to reach the Cauldron and light it.

Taking inspiration from Brazil's Olympic Cauldron was a little bit naughty of the South Koreans. That was a summer games. These are the winter games officially picking up the baton from the 2014 games held in Sochi, Russia.

There is no way to put this politely. Sochi's Olympic Cauldron was frankly a giant erect penis. With the legacy element of the 2014 games being to improve gay-rights within Russia it was unapologetically homoerotic.

This Opening Ceremony centres around the traditional Korean Creation Myths. In the earlier; "Let There Be White" sequence it compares them to what, for fairness, I have to descibe here as the Creation Myth of the Abrahamic religions.

The US TV Show; "Family Guy" does quite a good sketch about how Asians like Koreans were created in the Abrahamic Creation Myth.

You can watch it her;

Essentially if shows the Abrahamic God as the boss of a large corporation pitching the design of the Asian race to his executive board. It features lots of Asian sterotypes such as;

They're compact, hairless and fiercely intelligent." And; "There will different varieties who will all hate each other for some reason." The main one though is;

"Their penises, while tiny are hugely efficent. We're predicting 10 billion in just five years."

This massive pole which after the gentle caress of Queen Yuna slowly expands to light the Cauldron was the South Koreans way of giving a nod to Sochi's Cauldron.

While at the same time proving they can laugh at themselves by going to Family Guy;

"You sure about that." 

17:20 on 16/2/18 (UK date).

Edited at around 15:50 on 17/2/18 (UK date) to clarify the Family Guy reference.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics: Opening Ceremony Pt.5.

A continuation of Part 4;

The Olympic Rings:

It is protocol that each Opening Ceremony must include a sequence in which the logo of the Olympic movement - five interlocked rings - is revealed.

In the past this may simply have been a sheet being pulled off a statue of the rings. Or simply the unfurling of a banner bearing the rings. Over the years though it has grown to become a lot more elaborate.

This sequence actually began at the end of the previous sequence.

That sequence featured a large number of performers all carrying the traditional Korean gift of peace made up of light and water.

In an Augmented Reality (AR) display those lights turned into doves - a traditional western symbol of peace. Those 'doves' then flew out of the arena and to the top of a near-by mountain.

Essentially AR is the layering of one level of electronic images on top of another layer of electronic images.

I think the most widely know example is the "Pokemon Go" Smartphone game. In the game you go to a specified GPS location. You then hold up your Smartphone in video mode and if you're lucky the Pokemon computer game characters will appear.

The problem with AR is that it only works if you are viewing an electronic image. If you're viewing a non-electronic image - real life as it used to be known - you don't get to see the electronic images layered on top.

So the people watching the Opening Ceremony live in the arena would not have seen these AR doves flying away.

The plan was that to assist them there would be hundreds of these small, birdlike drones flying from the arena to the mountain. Showcasing the RoK's technological superiority over particularly Japan these drones were to be controlled by a 5G wireless network.

As it happens these drones never appeared. They were cancelled at the last minute.

The official reason for this is that too many ticketless spectators had gathered under the drone's flightpath. This meant that organisers could not ensure their safety so the sequence was cancelled.

This official explanation led people to speculate whether the cancellation of the drone sequence was really the result of the; "Olympic Destroyer" cyberattack which the Opening Ceremony was being subjected to.

The Olympic Destroyer malware seems to have been designed by an Existential philosopher. Possibly a Korean Taoist. Its purpose was to delete the system files on any computer it infected.

One of the big talking points about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the point at which computers become sentient like humans. However using a bit of artistic license system files are what make a computer understand that it is a computer.

If you delete the system files then the computer loses its sense of self as a computer. It starts thinking it's a bookcase, a coffee table or just a useless lump of plastic and metal that needs to be thrown out of the nearest window at the earliest opportunity.

Therefore by design the Olympic Destroyer malware was extremely destructive and had the potential to take the global broadcast of the Opening Opening off air.

However the only damage it actually did was to stop the barcode/QR code on the passes of certain members of the press being read at the gate. Preventing them from accessing the stadium.

Exactly the sort of thing you'd do if you want to be talked about by members of the press.

The "Beaten Black & Blue" sequence of the Opening Ceremony featured the contrast between Hard Power and Soft Power.

In military/espionage circles there is a new form of power being discussed; "Sharp Power."

The term was coined in November 2017 by the very right-wing American "US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) think-tank. Really in an effort to generate some press coverage for themselves. As a result what Sharp Power means is really being defined as we talk and as I write.

However it seems to be the precise application of information to achieve a specific objective. Where once you would send a missile today you would send a Tweet.

Amongst spies it has long been accepted that you can manipulate people into doing things a whole range of appalling things.

One very famous example is the death of Iraq weapons inspector Dr David Kelly. By systematically destroying his entire life and then giving him a period of quiet to reflect on all that he'd lost the UK intelligence services manipulated him into committing suicide.

Residing in the UK I went through a similar experience during the September 2004 school siege and then massacre in the Russian city of Beslan.

The Beslan School Massacre as it became known was referenced in an episode of the US TV Show; "The Unit" in an episode entitled; "In Loco Parentis."

On the anniversary of the Beslan School Massacre an elite school in Virginia attended by children of many of America's business and political elite is attacked by Chechen Islamist terrorists.

In this context it is useful to remember that in the TV show the terrorists are shown using Simonov SKS rifles.

The same type of rifle used during what has become known as the "Congressional Baseball Shooting" which took place in Virginia in June 2017. A Bernie Sanders campaign worker gunned down Republican members of Congress.

Following mass shootings in America liberals always call for the ban of; "Assault Weapons." The AR-15 has become a byword for assault rifle. However legally "Assault Weapon" is defined as a rifle with a pistol-grip and a magazine capacity of over 10 rounds.

An early rival for the AK-47 the Simonov SKS is an assault rifle without pistol-grip and a 10 round magazine. If the US were to ban assault weapons like the Simonov SKS it would also have to ban all hunting and sporting rifles.

As within every other episode the school siege in The Unit is brought to a successful conclusion by the unit's leader - Sergeant Major Jonas Blaine. Played by Denis Haysbert. If I were black I think he might be my grandfather.

In the US TV series; "24" Denis Haysbert played US President David Palmer. Making him a black US President people actually liked.

Alongside the Olympic coverage South Korean TV is currently running an "American Idol" talent show to find a new lineup for the K-Pop band; "Bangtan Boys (BTS)." The reason why BTS need a new lineup is that their existing line-up have all been conscripted into compulsory military service.

This Korean Broadcasting Service (KBS) show is also called; "The Unit."

I'm starting to think that alongside a lot of US troops South Korea also gets a lot of US TV shows.

Not only can spies manipulate people into committing suicide they can also manipulate people into committing things like mass shootings.

You simply put them into the same vulnerable emotional state. Then rather then implanting the idea they should kill themselves you instead implant the idea they should kill other people.

You only need to look at the number of times that mass shootings end with the shooter also killing themselves to see how the two scenarios are similar.

In order to successfully carry out one of these manipulation operations you need almost complete control over every aspect of the target's life. Therefore in the past they have really been limited to the intelligence agencies in the country where the target resides.

However more and more of our lives are being lived internationally online. Here I am in the UK writing about an Opening Ceremony which occurred in the RoK. I suspect it will be read by people as far afield as Iraq, Syria, Russia, Israel, the US etc.

Therefore it has become possible for intelligence agencies to carry out this type of manipulation operation in other people's countries.

Although not strictly speaking manipulation we are starting to see this sort of thing from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and their associates in Al Qaeda.

In May 2017 online ISIL magazine Rumiyah instructed followers to use online listing sites like Craigslist to lure in victims to kill. After luring them in under the guise of renting a room or whatever the person is then murdered.

In June 2017 an ISIL supporter in Melbourne, Australia did just that. Yacqub Khayre hired a prostitute online and instructed her to meet him at an apartment in the Brighton area of the city. He then killed her and the apartment building's doorman leading to a two hour stand-off with police.

Khayre had never travelled to Iraq or Syria and had never been trained by ISIL. In fact he appears not to have even met another ISIL supporter. However over the Internet ISIL were able to inspire and direct his attack.

Then of course there is the July 22nd 2016 (22/7/16) mass shooting in Munich, Germany. This happened of the site of the 1972 Munich Olympics which famously were stopped after a terrorist attack by the Black September group.

The 2016 Munich Shooting occurred two weeks to the day before the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. The big talk at the time was whether Russia would be allowed to compete, would be banned entirely or partially banned.

So the Munich Shooting seemed very much like an Islamist terror attack.

However the shooter - Ali Sonboly - illegally obtained his weapons and his motivations of the so-called; "Dark Web." This is a mysterious, international forum where no-one knows who anyone is and there are very few ways of checking if they're who they claim to be.

Due in no small part by a strong desire on the part of the German government not to declare it a terror attack no evidence was found to prove it was a terror attack. Therefore no retaliatory action was taken. Which is what normally happens in a war.

The reason why the German government were desperate not to recognise the Munich shooting as and Islamist terror attack is because such attacks are intended to divide society between Muslims and non-Muslims. Due to Chancellor (Head of Government) Angela Merkel's disastrous immigration policies Germany society was already deeply divided at the time.

In an effort to prevent reprisal attacks against Muslims Germany even put around the rumour that Ali Sonboly was a quasi-Christian White Supremacist influenced by Anders Breivik. This is despite the fact that Ali Sonboly was a brown, Iranian Muslim. A group traditionally hated by quasi-Christian, White Supremacists.

The term; "Sharp Power" has only existed for three months. So there are no confirmed instances of it ever being used. However I can imagine what a Sharp Power attack would look like.

You hack into the computer control system for a school's electrical system. You then create a short circuit triggering a fire. You then disable the sprinkler system and lock all the doors to maximise the number of adorable young children killed.

Then in the aftermath of the fire you use Social Media to circulate "evidence" such as leaked emails, fake news stories etc showing that political leaders caused the deaths of the children because they were corrupt and taking bribes.

You then sit back and watch as the nation which was threatening you militarily tears itself apart.

Although the UK Labour Party's 2017 arson attack on Grenfell Tower is similar in nature it doesn't technically count as Sharp Power. It was done domestically and it was done physically rather the using computer hacking.

As for the type of fake news claim you could circulate on social media?

You could certainly try something like the tale of an innocent young black man named Micheal Brown being murdered by racist police. While having his hands up in surrender and begging; "Don't Shoot!"

That of course was the conclusion of the US Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI) report into claims of Russian attempts to rig the 2016 US Presidential Election;

"Russian broadcaster RT is trying to undermine faith in US democracy. By reporting on what the Democrat Party are doing."

Although I don't think it was an intelligence operation another example of the type of rumour you could use was on display in the RoK. During the downfall of Park Geun-hye.

South Korean society in general and its education system in particular is extremely competitive. Almost from the moment they are born South Korean children's entire lives revolve around doing well in the Suneung - the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT).

If you do not do well in that exam you do not get into a good university. If you do not get into a good university you will not get a career with one of the big Chaebol - like Samsung. It is no understatement to say that your entire life will then be ruined.

At the start of this long series of posts I joked you could tell the Olympics were in the RoK. You have to complete a class even before school. South Koreans very much get that joke.

As with all societies all South Koreans have at one point been children themselves. Many of them also have children of their own. So everybody feels it has a stake in the education debate.

One of the revelations that came out about Park Geun-hye is that she abused her role as President to get the daughter of her friend Choi Soon-sil into a top university. That is despite Chung Yoo-ra having terrible Suneung scores because she'd chosen to play with horses rather than study morning, noon and night.

It was the moment that revelation broke you knew the entire population of South Korea was suddenly united in their hatred of Park Geun-hye.

17:15 on 15/2/18 (UK date). I'm clearly not going to be finished today am I.

Edited at around 19:55 on 15/2/18 (UK date) to add;

The Olympics themselves are really an exercise in Soft Power.

Soft Power can really be built around anything people enjoy. Across the world sport is a popular pastime so this is often used.

A good example are the English Premier League Arsenal F.C. They are nicknamed; "The Gunners." Gun violence is also a popular pastime in certain parts of west Africa. So the Gunners are very popular team amongst certain West Africans desperate to prove how macho they are.

In the old days if they were very lucky these West African Gunners could even get a letter published in one of the Arsenal fanzines. All they needed to do was write a lot of other letters first telling the editors all the best gossip about their local politicians. I suppose in this Sharp Power age "Arsenal FanTV" has taken over from the fanzine.

As for wonky-eyed Turkish Gunner Mesut Ozil inviting Rihanna back from Senegal in west Africa to go to a gangbang with the Blueshirts from Dun Laoghaire. Well that might be the Emirates Stadium sending a different sort of message.

Although if you are employed by that particular black woman then reading invitations is clearly not your strong point.

Europe of course has an annual, week long Soft Power competition in the form of the Eurovision Song Contest. That does away with all the running and jumping nonsense of the Olympics. Everyone simply does their own Olympic Opening Ceremony. Due to the sheer number of competitors those opening ceremonies are limited to three minutes.

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest was really a continent wide celebration. A celebration of how happy everyone was that the US Presidency of Barack Obama was finally over. And a celebration that he was not being replaced by Hillary Clinton.

In reference to Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice Russia's immediate neighbour Finland performed a song with the chorus; "Blackbird, Blackbird Go Away."

The Italian principality of San Marino took things even further. They were represented by Jimmy Wilson. Up until then he was best known for playing Barack Obama in the stage musical; "Hope." We all very much enjoyed giving Barack Obama no points whatsoever.

The UK's rather unusual entry was the WannaCry computer virus. This ransomware attack generated many headlines but did absolutely no damage the day before the Song Contest Grand Final.

The name of the virus was very much aimed at supporters of Hillary Clinton. As they are now at the time they were all blubbering away ranting about Russian Hacking.

The WannaCry malware was built using off-the-shelf North Korean code. This was to make clear that one particularly dangerous thing Obama had done was provide the DPRK with missile control software. In order to build them up as a regional threat as part of his "Pivot Towards the Pacific" policy.

The claims of Russian hacking in the US election are based entirely on a private company hired by the Democrats called; "Crowdstrike."

There is no evidence that Democrat computers were even hacked let alone hacked by the Russians. No law enforcement agency or any other agency has ever examined their computers. In fact the only people who have examined the computers are Crowdstrike who continue to be employed by the Democrats.

Despite the lack of evidence the US cybersecurity agency - the National Security Agency (NSA) - signed off on Crowdstrike's claims giving rumours of Russian hacking undue credence.

Crowdstrike went on to examine the WannaCry code. They concluded that North Korean code means North Korean origin. Despite it being a very obvious wind-up the NSA again signed off on Crowdstrike's work.

On that day the NSA lost whatever respect it had left amongst its peers.

Shortly after the Eurovision Song Contest Russia was subjected to a sustained cyberattack. This used a more vicious version of the WannaCry malware named WannaPetya. A tiny bit of this cyberattack Russia bled out into Ukraine.

Today (15/2/18) the UK has declared that the WannaPetya cyberattack against Russia was in fact a Russian cyberattack against Ukraine.

In true theatrical style used a Muslim politician to make this announcement. People say he's Lord Ahmed. I think he's more of a pantomime dame.

So yesterday (14/2/18) and today (15/2/18) have been declared; "Cyber Day" at the Olympics where there is one hell of a time difference.

Curiously though no-one in America seems to be interested in the Olympics today.

At around midday (GMT) yesterday (14/2/18) there was a shooting incident at the NSA headquarters at Fort Mead in Maryland, US. Fortunately no-one was killed in this attack on the NSA.

At around 19:30 (GMT) yesterday (14/2/18) there was a mass shooting at a school in the Park (Chung-hee) Land area of Florida, US. On this occasion 17 people were killed.

So from what I've had time to watch the US media has spent the day mourning all the adorable children killed.

The alleged shooter has been captured alive and identified as Nikolas Cruz. A Philadelphia Eagles fan.

The fact Cruz is Hispanic initially led to some speculation that he was one of the Democrats beloved DREAMER illegal immigrants.

However it has been confirmed that he was motivated by some far-right, White Supremacists nihilist ideology. Possibly inspired by Anders Breivik.

Rather like Munich shooter Ali Sonboly this has caused some confusion. Obama's Black Lives Matter have been trying to convince people that Hispanics are not white.

However I seem to remember much of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, the 2016 Summer Olympics, the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest and now the 2018 Winter Olympics were spent mocking that claim.

It was even mocked extensively by Hispanic Americans during the 2016 Oscars. They responded to the #OscarsSoWhite campaign with the #NotYourMule. To protest black Americans trying to exploit them in an effort to get fast-tracked into the Academy.

Even Chung Yoo-ra was forced to make Samsung pay for her mule.

On their way out of the stadium the AR 'doves' arranged them into the formations of the main Winter Olympic sports. Rather like Japanese AR did during its little sequence in the 2016 Summer Olympic Closing Ceremony.

However unlike the Japanese AR which was stationary the South Korean AR was in motion. Clearly far superior.

Once the AR doves reached the top of the mountain they triggered actual, real-life, human skiers and snowboarders to start skiing down the mountain. This sequence was filmed by small drones using the 5G wireless network that was unaffected by the "Olympic Destroyer" cyberattack.

As they were making their way down the mountain these skiers were wearing Smart-Fabrics. The sort of thing that lights up - possibly controlled by 5G wireless - and could even charge your Smartphone using kenetic energy. They were also wearing traditional ski goggles.

This promoted conversation about how AR could be incorporated into future live events. Possibly by giving the audience something like the; "Oculus Rift" or "Google Glass."

They could even use something like the fancy glasses Sergeant Bob Brown uses to provide footage from inside the school shooting in the; "In Loco Parentis" episode of "The Unit." Scott Foley who plays him certainly scrubs up well.

I'm not making any promises but the Closing Ceremony gift bag could be impressive.

Finally the skiers arrange themselves into the shape of the Olympic Rings and use flares to show the colours.

At the same time AR Olympic Rings appear above them.

So Japan may have been the first people to use AR in an Olympic ceremony.

The South Koreans did the first AR Olympic Rings.

21:35 on 15/2/18 (UK date).